Lysosomal Storage Centres Experts Meeting


Experts from Lysosomal Storage Centres Across Europe to Meet at EIP in Vienna for the Spot the Early Signs and Refer as Early as Possible Education Program of the Excellence in Pediatrics.   

Lysosomal Storage Disorders Centres from across Europe are being invited to deliver trainings for frontline pediatricians and join the Spot the Signs Program Steering Committee Meeting at the Annual EIP Conference in Vienna on 8th December. 

If you are an expert or you think that your unit should also be represented at the meeting and included as part of the EIP Spot the Early Signs Education Program, please contact EIP Secretariat at:

The meeting of Lysosomal Storage Disorders Centres and Key Opinion Leaders in Metabolic Disorders is key part of EIP’s drive to fight under-diagnosed or late-diagnosed conditions, for which early detection and early treatment could make a significant difference in the condition's development, the quality of life and the survival of patients.

By providing education and resources to EIP’s 45,000 members (27,660 healthcare professionals from Europe), they will prepare themselves to spot the signs of LSDs and will help our mission by sharing materials (eLearnings, lectures, articles and webinars) with their own networks.

The current focus for now is on Lysosomal Storage Disorder and training frontline paediatricians to better spot the signs of Gaucher, Fabry, and MPS Diseases.

Resources and activities already developed and ready for you to use and share with colleagues include: 

The Metabolic Disorders Spot the Signs Portal - 180+ pages of content on signs of LSDs, Gaucher, Fabry, MPS. The link is:

Online Education & Webinars (Four available videos here). A series of trainings from: Amel Karaa, (Harvard Medical School), Robert J. Hopkin (University of Cincinnati), Pramod Mistry (Yale University), Joseph Muenzer, (University of North Carolina)

Face-to-Face Education activities which include EIP conference sessions on spotting the signs of metabolic disorders in all past editions of EIP. Explore the conference preliminary program here

December 08, 2017 at 5pm - 7pm
Hotel Savoyen Vienna

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