Parallel Meetings

In parallel to the Conference, meetings are held by EIP to address specific cross-functional challenges in Children's Health. Organisations, Parents' associations, academic researchers, governments and industry representatives, as well as other frontline healthcare providers, are given the opportunity to participate in a creative dialogue. Ultimately, the Focus Groups are designed to identify common ground and explore constructive solutions. Delegates are actively encouraged to participate in these parallel meetings too.

  • Friday, December 08, 2017 at 11:30 AM
    Hotel Savoyen Vienna

    2nd LifeCourse Vaccinations Policy & Advocacy Meeting



    Working Together to Make Sure Vaccinations are Accessible to All. Multi-stakeholders meeting to discuss policy changes across Europe, surveillance data & strategies over vaccine hesitancy.

    The 2nd LifeCourse Vaccinations Policy and Advocacy Group Meeting will take place in Vienna on Friday 8th December 2017.

    Many organisations involved in vaccinations are aligned and partners of the meeting, including ECDC, European Commission, WHO, CoMO, European Institute of Women's Health. The ultimate goals of the Group is to increase vaccination rates across Europe and to advocate universal immunity against all vaccines preventable diseases for all age groups. 

    The multi stakeholders meeting will discuss the latest policy changes across all European Countries, the latest surveillance data, the strategies to overcome vaccine hesitancy and the coordination of actions to take in 2018 between the various participating organisations.

    The meeting is part of a Europe-wide project that is tasked with ensuring that all age ranges, in all European states, eventually become vaccinated against preventable diseases through targeted, universal vaccination schedules. The initiative is clear that anyone is susceptible and therefore everyone should have the right to access prevention.

    > Nominate yourself to participate in the 2017 Policy & Advocacy Group as a frontline healthcare practitioner - Please send email to:

    > Suggest additional partner organisation that should join the 2017 Policy & Advocacy Group - who should be invited to participate and be represented in Vienna  - Please email your suggestions to:

    Meeting Agenda

    Section on POLICY. Policy changes mapping for each European country

    Examine changes made or positive steps on vaccination policies across Europe (and within European countries) during 2017.
    Examine the changes made on the support within the decision bodies of the European union.
    Group will conclude if during the last year positive changes have been made towards the target of universal immunity against vaccine preventable diseases.
    Policy changes mapping for each European country

    Section on SURVEILLANCE. Experts will present the surveillance and epidemiology data across Europe for 2017 and will inform on what should be expected for 2018.

    Target to alert regions and countries and inform local medical community to be prepared ahead of 2018.
    Data on vaccination uptake per country and across areas also presented to inform the Group of problems or successes experienced in each country 

    Section on ADVOCACY. Aimed at overcoming vaccine hesitancy and increasing uptake across Europe

    Launch of the "Challenging the common myths on Vaccines” campaign. Participating organisation will be asked to suggest content

    Section on PLANNING. To coordinate and align the actions of all organisations involved in promotions of vaccinations across Europe.

    Each organisation planning a number of activities already. Opportunity to examine if there is overlapping, if actions planned from one organisation could benefit another.
    Combined actions and alliances that could create greater outreach. Each organisation participating in the meeting will present (a short 5min presentation) the plans for 2018.
    Participating organisations contacted prior to the PFG and asked to complete a pre-meeting survey stating their initial plans for 2018 so that all PFG participants will be prepared to discuss and exchange views.  

  • Friday, December 08, 2017 at 05:00 PM
    Hotel Savoyen Vienna

    Lysosomal Storage Centres Experts Meeting


    Experts from Lysosomal Storage Centres Across Europe to Meet at EIP in Vienna for the Spot the Early Signs and Refer as Early as Possible Education Program of the Excellence in Pediatrics.   

    Lysosomal Storage Disorders Centres from across Europe are being invited to deliver trainings for frontline pediatricians and join the Spot the Signs Program Steering Committee Meeting at the Annual EIP Conference in Vienna on 8th December. 

    If you are an expert or you think that your unit should also be represented at the meeting and included as part of the EIP Spot the Early Signs Education Program, please contact EIP Secretariat at:

    The meeting of Lysosomal Storage Disorders Centres and Key Opinion Leaders in Metabolic Disorders is key part of EIP’s drive to fight under-diagnosed or late-diagnosed conditions, for which early detection and early treatment could make a significant difference in the condition's development, the quality of life and the survival of patients.

    By providing education and resources to EIP’s 45,000 members (27,660 healthcare professionals from Europe), they will prepare themselves to spot the signs of LSDs and will help our mission by sharing materials (eLearnings, lectures, articles and webinars) with their own networks.

    The current focus for now is on Lysosomal Storage Disorder and training frontline paediatricians to better spot the signs of Gaucher, Fabry, and MPS Diseases.

    Resources and activities already developed and ready for you to use and share with colleagues include: 

    The Metabolic Disorders Spot the Signs Portal - 180+ pages of content on signs of LSDs, Gaucher, Fabry, MPS. The link is:

    Online Education & Webinars (Four available videos here). A series of trainings from: Amel Karaa, (Harvard Medical School), Robert J. Hopkin (University of Cincinnati), Pramod Mistry (Yale University), Joseph Muenzer, (University of North Carolina)

    Face-to-Face Education activities which include EIP conference sessions on spotting the signs of metabolic disorders in all past editions of EIP. Explore the conference preliminary program here


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