Policy Focus Group Meeting

Facilitating and Supporting Changes Through Collaboration

Advocacy, especially when uniting with others associations and groups, is an extremely powerful tool in facilitating changes to health care and policy. By standing together EIP’s Advocacy Initiatives aim to make the frontline pediatrician’s voice heard loud and clear. 

Over the past 9 years the Institute has organised a number of dedicated Health Policy meetings, Summits and Focus Group that have covered all aspects of Pediatrics from Vaccine Preventable Disease to Breastfeeding. By bringing together the key organisations, opinion leaders, association, and policymakers with frontline pediatricians we can not just plan out what needs to change, but implement initiatives that support the desired change.

All EIP’s Advocacy Focus Groups are targeted with:

  • Recruiting experts and opinion leaders as advocates for change
  • Aligning efforts with other medical fields associations
  • Ensuring official guidelines and recommendations reach the medical community and societies in every country
  • Producing an action plan and strategies for actioning change
  • Making sure the topic is at the top of the agenda of all organisations involved in health prevention for children and adolescents

Over the past three years in particular EIP have held Focus Groups covering Meningitis, Influenza and HPV vaccinations and what can be done to increase coverage. All these infections are vaccine prevented and are facing a number of common challenges affecting the population coverage rates. Parents’ hesitancy, healthcare professionals reluctance, and policy makers delayed adaptation are a universal problem for all available vaccinations.

With this in mind, in December 2016 one Life Course Vaccination Focus Group meeting on Vaccine Preventable Diseases took place in London looking to create a gold standard for Vaccine schedules across Europe across the LifeCourse (from birth to old-age). The second LifeCourse Vaccination Meeting will take place in Vienna, Austria on Friday 8 December 2017 and you’re encouraged to apply to join.

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