SOPHIA_KALLIS.jpgSpecialist Paediatric Allergy Dietician at University College London, UNITED KINGDOM





Sophia completed her degree in Nutrition (2004), followed by a Masters in Dietetics (2006) at King’s College London, where she proudly received a prize for ‘The Most Distinguished Student in Dietetics’ for her year. She has worked in various London hospitals since then, before settling into her role of Specialist Paediatric Allergy Dietician at University College London Hospitals NHS Trust, a newly created role as of 2014. As part of her role Sophia takes part in weekly multi-disciplinary team (MDT) Allergy clinics, assessing complex and often multiply allergic infants, children and adolescents. She also coordinates regular food challenges and supervised feeds, as part of the team’s objectives to expand their patients’ diets where appropriate. 

With great enthusiasm for the field of Paediatric Allergy, Sophia has also completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Allergy at Imperial College London.


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