Excellence in Pediatrics Partner Organisations & Supporters

EIP greatly values the mutually beneficial relationship it has with several organisations and groups with which EIP works together for the annual EIP conference and the EIP Campaigns. 

EIP also values the support from industry sponsors through sponsorships, unrestricted educational grants, and by supporting delegates to attend the conference.

EIP continues to seek partnerships that can serve to further its mission and activities, provided that these relationships are in agreement with its core values under a clear and transparent context and in accordance with EIP's Code of Ethics.

EIP will develop relationships with organisations that, through their products, activities, and/or their philosophy, enhance the quality of life for children and their families and are aligned with EIP's values and mission. Partnerships that provide no clear advantage to child health or medical care, or no professional or educational benefit relating to the practice of pediatrics will not be considered for EIP participation.

EIP wants to thank all its supporters for the contribution they provide across the many activities and campaigns we have delivered and are currently focusing on.

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