3rd LifeCourse Immunisation Group Meeting, 7 Dec 2018

Working Together to Make Sure Vaccinations are Accessible to All. This will be a multi-stakeholders meeting to discuss policy changes across Europe, surveillance data & strategies over vaccine hesitancy. 


Many organisations involved in vaccinations are aligned and partners of the meeting, including ECDC, European Commission, WHO, CoMO, European Institute of Women's Health. The ultimate goals of the Group is to increase vaccination rates across Europe and to advocate universal immunity against all vaccines preventable diseases for all age groups. 

The multi stakeholders meeting will discuss the latest policy changes across all European Countries, the latest surveillance data, the strategies to overcome vaccine hesitancy and the coordination of actions to take in 2018 between the various participating organisations.

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The meeting is part of a Europe-wide project that is tasked with ensuring that all age ranges, in all European states, eventually become vaccinated against preventable diseases through targeted, universal vaccination schedules. The initiative is clear that anyone is susceptible and therefore everyone should have the right to access prevention.

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