Frequently Asked Questions 


▶︎   How will I attend the sessions on the date and the time the conference takes place?

You will attend the sessions by using our platform, which we call the EIP Attendees Hub which will open on November 25, 2022.

▶︎   What do I need to attend the virtual meeting?

To attend the meeting online, you just need a good internet connection, your device or computer, and valid registration. You will receive detailed instructions a few days before the meeting.

▶︎   When attending a session, either in-person or online, will I be able to ask questions?

Of course. Physical and Digital Attendees will be able to ask their questions through the Conference Mobile App and the EIP Attendee Hub. 

▶︎   How will I be able to participate and interact with the speakers when attending a session online?

You will be able to respond to the polls in each session and also to ask your questions through the Conference Mobile App and the EIP Virtual Hub. 

▶︎   Will I be able to evaluate the speakers and the presentations of a session when attending online?

Evaluation forms after each session are made available through the Mobile App and the Attendee Hub 30 minutes before the end of each session.

▶︎   How will I be able to access the EIP Attendee Hub?

First, make sure you have a confirmed registration for the conference. A few days before the event all confirmed registrants will receive an email with a link to access the EIP Attendee Hub. When visiting the EIP Attendee Hub, you will be asked to submit your name, email and click the Next button. In 30 seconds, you will receive a Verification Code via email to enter into the Login form. The system will recognise that you are a registrant for the conference and will send your verification email. Please remember which email you used when registering for the conference since we will only send the verification code to this email address.

▶︎   I did not receive a verification code. How do I get into the event?

Please check your spam folder. If you still haven't received your verification code, try clicking the "Didn't receive a code? Try again" link on the Attendee Hub login page. If you still do not receive the code, please email us at [email protected] or call us at +41 43 21 55 937

▶︎   I didn't receive an email to access the Virtual Attendee Hub.

First, make sure you are registered for the event and also check your spam folder. If you are registered, you can access the event via the 'Login to the hub' button on the homepage's EIP conference website. The button will be available as soon as the EIP Attendee Hub is open.

▶︎   Why did I get logged out?

For privacy reasons, your Login only stays valid for 72 hours. You will also be logged out after 24 hours of inactivity. You will need to request a verification code once expired. If for any reason you have difficulty logging back in, please email us at [email protected] or call us at +41 43 21 55 937

▶︎   Can I share links to the Virtual Attendee Hub?

Yes, please feel free to share links, but they must first register for the recipient to access the event. Under no circumstances should you share your login details and the verification code you have received via your email.

▶︎   How do I ensure the best video experience?

Just like any live stream, there are things you can do to ensure the best viewing experience. Make sure you have a strong internet connection. It also helps to close non-essential tabs in your browser. If you do experience buffering or your video freezes, reload the session page before contacting the Secretariat.

▶︎   When I leave the session room, I can no longer hear the speaker.

Your session experience is designed to be immersive. Just like an in-person session, if you leave the room, you can't hear the speaker! If you navigate to another event page, your session will stop. Click back into the session to return to the live stream.

▶︎   How can I switch and attend another session that is taking place in parallel to the one that I am already attending?

In most cases, EiP will have 6 concurrent sessions (as they are taking place simultaneously in 6 parallel halls). The experience is similar to the one when attending physically the conference. You choose the one you want to attend and click on the program's link to access the video. If you're going to visit another session that is taking place simultaneously, you have to go back to the program, choose the new session and open it. If you navigate to another session, your previous session will stop. You will be able to access later the recorded videos of all parallel sessions you have missed.