Professor of Paediatric Infectious Diseases and Vice Chair of the Department of Paediatrics, Sophia Children’s Hospital of the Erasmus MC University Medical Centre, NETHERLANDS

Annemarie van Rossum is a paediatrician, specialized in Infectious Diseases and Immunology, professor of Paediatric Infectious Diseases and vice chair of the Department of Paediatrics, at the Sophia Children’s Hospital of the Erasmus MC University Medical Centre in Rotterdam.


She obtained her MD and PhD (cum laude) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (prof. Groot). From 2002-2007 she was trained as paediatrician in the Erasmus MC-Sophia Children’s Hospital and the Maasstad ziekenhuis Rotterdam. From 2004-2005 she did a research fellowship at the Weiser laboratory of the department of Microbiology (Prof. J.N. Weiser) of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA. From 2009-2011 she was trained in Paediatric Infectious Diseases and Immunology in Rotterdam, and received several personal grants to combine her clinical fellowship with starting a translational researchline on respiratory tract infections caused by Mycoplasma pneumoniae. At the same time she started an international intervention trial on early onset neonatal sepsis together with M. Stocker, head of the PICU in Luzern, Switzerland. Her two current researchlines focus on respiratory (specifically M. pneumoniae infections) and neonatal infections and aim at the development of innovative diagnostic tools to guide appropriate treatment and prevent antibiotic resistance through targeted treatment. She is co-founder of Training Upcoming Leaders in Paediatric Science ( an educational program that stimulates young clinician-scientists to perform high-quality research with impact on child health. From 2013-2017 she was member of the committee for scientific affairs and awards of the European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases (ESPID). Currently she is member of the advisory board on antibiotic resistance health care networks for the ministry of Health in the Netherlands, member of the organising committee of the ESPID-Oxford course Hot topics in infection and Immunity in children, University of Oxford, and chair of the local organising committee of ESPID 2020.