Senior Consultant Neonatologist, Professor of Neonatology, Leiden University Medical Center, NETHERLANDS

Arjan te Pas works as a Consultant neonatologist in a tertiary neonatal intensive care unit in Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands. After becoming a neonatologist he performed research in spontaneous breathing and respiratory support of preterm infants at birth, for which he received a PhD degree in 2009. Next to his clinical work, te Pas has set up a research program “Perinatal transition and neonatal resuscitation”. 

His aim is to expand the knowledge in (patho)physiological processes during perinatal transition and to develop the best strategies for neonatal resuscitation. He performs experimental studies, for which he closely collaborates with professor Stuart Hooper, physiologist at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. The experimental findings are then translated to the clinic by performing clinical studies with physiological measurements in newborns at birth, which will then be used to inform protocols for large clinical trials.