As of 23 April 2020 

sure that no one will miss the opportunity to attend the
2020 Excellence in Pediatrics Conference in December

During our professional lives, we have hugely valued the unique educational experiences that conferences have offered us over the years. Many of our best memories, from when we were students until we became experienced professionals, are related to the conferences we have attended with friends and colleagues from all over the world. We all remember exciting moments we have enjoyed, either when attending a groundbreaking presentation, or when sharing a relaxed evening with colleagues, in a fascinating city, after a conference day of intense training.

Nothing will ever replace the beauty and the joy of human face-to-face interaction and scientific collaboration.
This is why we are determined to organise the 12th Excellence in Pediatrics Conference in Amsterdam from 3-5 December 2020. 

We also understand that a number of our colleagues might not be able to attend this year either because they may not be allowed to travel out of their countries, or because they may not feel comfortable travelling to Amsterdam under the circumstances, or because they are much needed at that time in their clinics and facilities.

For all those, we feel it is our obligation to offer them the best possible online educational experience and ensure that they will still be able to get the most out of the 12th Excellence in Pediatrics Conference through the screen of their laptop.

We are determined that none of our international colleagues will miss out on any of the conference sessions, nor the opportunity to present his or her work to colleagues from all over the world.  

Now more than ever we need to be able to collaborate as a community, transforming this crisis into a new opportunity, one that will open a wide and ongoing discussion on our collective local and national experiences and challenges in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, especially with regard to our patients. We are working hard to make this hybrid version of a live event and an online collaboration a relevant and effective communication channel between clinicians and researchers, with positive effects reaching far beyond our annual conference.

What we expect for this December

Why we Have Made the Decision to Offer the Option of Digital Attendance

We have the Technology and the Expertise

What are the benefits of Digital Attendance

Key Points to Remember for Digital Attendance Registration

Frequently Asked Questions on Digital Attendance Registration



➡️ The conference is organised late in the year when we all hope that we will have overcome the current COVID-19 outbreak and that all countries will be far more experienced and far better equipped and prepared to address any outbreaks of a lesser scale. 

➡️ We are confident that current global scientific collaboration on such an unprecedented scale will offer us the much-needed knowledge and the tools to better handle any possible future outbreaks.  

➡️ We are optimistic that the conference will be organised in December as planned and that we will welcome as many of our many attendees, speakers and supporters in Amsterdam as possible for the 12th Excellence in Pediatrics Conference.  

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Why we have made the decision to offer the option of digital attendance switching to a Hybrid conference model so far in advance of the meeting:

  • We understand that during this unprecedented time there is a level of uncertainty, a new way of life we all currently need to lead and operate under for many months to come.

  • Outbreaks are not occurring simultaneously in all countries and the subsequent response policies and restrictive measures are therefore country-specific. Under these circumstances, a participant or a presenter from a specific country might face problems at the time to travel while others coming from other countries might not have any such restrictions in place.   

  • While many delegates are registering for the conference in December and planning to present their work live in Amsterdam, we understand that there are also many who, because of this uncertain situation, are currently reluctant to plan their participation and contribution this year and book to attend as they had planned to at this stage.

  • This must be very frustrating especially for the authors who were planning to present their research and who now face the very real possibility of losing the year without being able to travel and present their abstracts.   

  • Implementing the Hybrid conference model at this stage will also give us the flexibility to switch to a totally Virtual conference in the extremely unlikely and unfortunate event that a total close down is ordered in the Netherlands at the time that the conference is taking place. In that case, all speakers will deliver their presentations online.  

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  • As you know we announced at the beginning of the year the digitalization of several functions of the conference such as the poster presentations using e-Poster technology, the conference program and the evaluation surveys using a dedicated mobile app.

  • As you also know through the many webinars that EIP organises every year, we have the technology and the experience to broadcast, as live webinars, all conference sessions and facilitate online attendance and online presentations for speakers and presenters. 

  • As we have all of the technology and the expertise available to us we have decided to switch to a hybrid conference model this year. The conference will, therefore, take place face-to-face as planned in Amsterdam, but will allow anybody unable to attend in person to be able to attend all sessions and present online, getting exactly the same educational experience as if they were on site.

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🔴 The digital version of the conference gives the opportunity to get exactly the same educational experience without the travel and accommodation cost. For many years there has been a great demand for conferences to offer the option for someone to register and attend online. This especially applies to attendees from developing countries, young scientists, postgraduate students and residents for whom often the travel cost has been a burden and a barrier to participation. In other words, a hybrid conference model offers the opportunity to many more from across the world to attend and actively participate in the conference at a considerably lower cost without having to travel from their countries and take the time out from their current jobs.

🔴 You do not have to choose between two parallel sessions. Attend both. All sessions apart from being broadcast live will also be recorded and offered as videos on-demand for 12 months after the conference. This offers all attendees, irrespective of whether they have registered for the onsite or for the digital version, the option to access and watch the videos of sessions taking place in parallel halls removing the dilemma you face when you have to choose between two parallel sessions whilst being interested in both of them.  

🔴 Let thousands of your global colleagues view your Poster and listen to your narrative for 12 months. We all know that poster viewings taking place in a conventional way (poster displays and poster walks during lunch breaks) offer only a limited time for authors to interact with attendees and experts. As a result, authors do not have the opportunity to show their work to as many of their colleagues as possible. With the ePoster Technology, posters will remain available online for viewing in the Poster’s library for 12 months. Authors will have the option to record and attach their narrative to their posters so that all viewers will be able to not only view the poster but also to listen to the author presenting his or her work, thus reaching a far wider audience. 

🔴 Oral and Poster presenters will be able to connect online and present their work to all conference attendees (either attending physically or online). Their sessions will be recorded and will be available online for many months to come.  Authors who wish to present online will receive, via email, dedicated links enabling them to connect to their sessions as panellists and present their work to the physical and online audience as if they were physically at the conference. Oral presenters will connect and present at the Oral Presentation session to which their abstract has been allocated. Poster presenters will connect and present online at the Poster Theatre Sessions where their abstracts will have been allocated.   

🔴 Poster presenters (attending either physically or digitally) will be able to prepare their posters online using iPosters technology. A number of sophisticated easy to use design tools allow you to design a state-of-the-art poster without the hassle of having to design, print and transport it before having to place it on poster boards.   

🔴 The Online Registration fee has been reduced to encourage high registration numbers. Online attendees will not only benefit from not having to pay for travel and accommodation, but also from a lower registration cost. Those registered for online participation will be eligible to receive the number of CME credits attributed to the conference, and authors whose abstracts were accepted will be published in the digital abstract book and will receive their certificate of participation and presentation.   

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‼️ Most importantly - You can switch from Physical participation to Digital participation and vice versa at any time

You can switch from Physical participation to Digital participation and vice versa at any time before the conference. Your registration fee will immediately be adjusted to your current status and either you will be refunded if you are moving to the lower fee for digital attendance or you will have to pay the difference if you are moving to the physical attendance category.

  If you register for online attendance nothing will be different from attending physically. You will use your registration number to access the program online and watch the sessions you are interested in, moving from hall to hall and from session to session with a simple click. You will be able to ask questions to speakers as if you were physically in the hall.    
  If you are presenting online nothing will be different from presenting physically. You will click on the link we will have provided to you, at the time of your presentation,  and bring up your presentation while your video will also appear on the hall screen. You will be able to deliver your presentation as if you were at the podium and also answer the questions asked by both the physically or digitally attending participants.  
  If you are attending digitally you will get exactly the same CME certificate as if you were attending physically. If you are presenting online you will also get exactly the same certificate of presentation as if you were presenting physically at the conference.   


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If I register for Physical Attendance have I automatically registered also for digital attendance? 
    Yes, you will be automatically registered for online access after the end of the conference. We want you to have the option to access the recorded sessions after the actual event and either watch sessions you have missed or rewatch sessions you have already attended. 


What if I am not available to travel during the congress dates and I have registered for physical attendance?
    You need to inform us and we will immediately activate your digital access. In that way, you will be able to attend the conference. We will refund the difference between the Physical and the Digital Attendance Fee after the conference. 


What if I am not available during the congress dates to attend online even if I am registered for online attendance?
    All conference sessions are recorded and will be available as videos for a period of 12 months following the congress dates, for all registered participants.   


How do I register for digital attendance?
    The registration process is exactly the same as if you were registering for Physical attendance. You must visit the registration page here and start the registration process. You will first be asked to choose your Registration Type depending on your profession, working country and occupation. After completing all your personal details you will be asked to choose which admission type you are registering for; Physical Attendance or Digital Attendance. From that point, the process is exactly the same as in the previous years.   


What will be available to me as a registered digital participant?
    We will offer you a full virtual experience and the opportunity to take part in every aspect of the programme, including the chance to:
  • Access all sessions broadcasted live. Create your own personal agenda and switch from hall to hall and from session to session with a simple click in the agenda item. 
  • Access to watch the videos of all recorded sessions whenever and wherever you choose. 
  • Network with colleagues. Access to browse the list of participants through the conference mobile app and click on their name to contact them.
  • Earn CME credits with the same process as if you were attending physically.
  • Access to all the e-posters and the digital abstract book. View the latest research on the hottest topics and connect with the abstract authors and other colleagues from around the world through the e-poster virtual consultations.
  • During a live-streamed session, participate in live conversations with delegates from all over the world, ask your questions to the speaker and vote in the session live polls.
  • Evaluate the sessions and the speakers online and help us improve the overall quality of the program.
  • Visit the virtual exhibition area. View the exhibition booths, explore the displayed materials, contact exhibitors directly, and chat with other visitors.


What do I need in order to attend the virtual meeting?
    To attend the meeting online, you just need a good internet connection, your device or computer, and a valid registration. You will receive login details a few days prior to the meeting.


How do I claim my CME credits?
    The CME certificate will be available after completing the online evaluation and credit claiming procedure. You will receive a link in an email after the event. For more information, click here.


Will all sessions that take place at the conference be broadcasted online?
    We will do our best to ensure that all conference sessions will be broadcasted online and will be recorded so that we will incorporate to your digital attendance as much of the conference experience and activities as possible.


Will there be an abstract book for digitally attending participants?
    Yes. Accepted abstracts of all registered authors (either for Physical or Digital attendance) will be included in the digital abstract book published by Cogent Medicine and will be available for participants at the start of the conference via the website. For more information click here.  


I am a presenter of an abstract and I have registered for digital attendance, what should I do?
    We will contact you directly regarding your participation in the programme.


Will there be an exhibition?
    Yes, there will be a physical and virtual exhibition area. All exhibitors are included in the virtual exhibition and you will be able to access all materials and also contact them through the website and mobile app.  


If I wish to cancel my digital attendance registration, will I receive a refund?
    If you would like to cancel your registration for digital attendance, you are able to receive a 100% refund on registration until 3 September 2020 based on our cancellation policy. Click here to view our cancellation policy outlined on the website for the most up to date information. Note that you can switch from Physical participation to Digital participation and vice versa at any time before the conference. Your registration fee will immediately be adjusted to your current status and either you will be refunded if you are moving to the lower fee for digital attendance or you will have to pay the difference if you are moving to the higher cost physical attendance fee. 


Are there any COVID-19 sessions of the conference related to child healthcare professionals?
    Yes. There will be a number of sessions related to COVID-19 presenting the latest evidence and the best practices in managing a COVID-19 infection in children. Also, an Expert Working Group Meeting will be organized aiming to identify strategies on how we could best utilize the recently acquired better understanding of the public on the value of a vaccine, the challenges faced until it is available, the potential threats when herd immunity is not established and the importance of being protected at all ages against all vaccine-preventable diseases.   


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