Ass. Prof. of Infectious Diseases, Radboud Center for Infectious Diseases, Netherlands

Dimitri Diavatopoulos is Associate Professor at the Radboud Center for Infectious Diseases, within the Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Dr. Diavatopoulos studied Bioprocess Engineering at Wageningen University (the Netherlands), after which he obtained his PhD degree at Utrecht University (the Netherlands), where he started his work on Bordetella pertussis. He has held postdoctoral positions at the University of Melbourne, where he worked on the immunology of influenza-pneumococcal co-infections and at the Radboud University Medical Center.

Dr. Diavatopoulos currently heads a research group focusing on the mechanisms underlying functional programming of long-term immunity against respiratory tract infections, with a specific focus on the role of innate immunity during vaccination and infection. Dr. Diavatopoulos is the coordinator of the IMI-2 PERISCOPE project, a public-private consortium aimed at accelerating the development, evaluation and registration of novel pertussis vaccines. He is Chair of the Vaccinology Division of the Royal Dutch Society of Microbiology (KNVM). He has co-authored over 50 papers in international peer-reviewed journals on viral-bacterial infections, respiratory tract infections, innate immunity and vaccination.