EIP aims to facilitate an open exchange of scientific knowledge and clinical best practices, updating its delegates on the latest scientific developments and more importantly helping them to improve the standard of care they deliver. 

Unrestricted grants for the educational activities below are of paramount importance for EIP to continue its mission. Companies providing unrestricted grants do not participate in the process of selecting the topic and the speakers or influence any aspect of the content. No promotional materials or advertising opportunities are included. The support through an unrestricted grant will be disclosed to participants.


An education grant is intended to support an existing track or session of the scientific program to be offered, not only to conference delegates, but also to pediatricians from a region or across the world who cannot come and participate in the meeting.  

EIP will live stream the supported session or track offering healthcare professionals free registration to attend online. Supported sessions are recorded and will also be offered for free through EIP Community to 45,000 healthcare professionals as webcasts. All sessions of the main program are developed by the scientific committee which has the sole responsibility for the selection of topics and speakers. 

If a supporter is interested in broadening the audience of a session which he considers important and aligned to his educational objectives, he has the opportunity to help EIP reach new audiences at a large scale. Support will be acknowledged on the website, the mobile app and the online registration pages for the broadcasted sessions. 


E-Posters offer scientists a unique opportunity to present their work using the most sophisticated communication tools while they have the opportunity to actively engage with the conference delegates but also online with the entire EIP community. The poster presentation experience in EIP2020 consists of: 

✔️The Poster Theaters: Sessions in dedicated halls where authors will have the opportunity of a coordinated short presentation of their work. 

✔️The Poster Viewing Slots: Each poster presentation is allocated a Viewing Slot when his/her work will be on display at one of the Poster terminals while the author will be present to discuss his/her findings, answer questions and exchange ideas with colleagues. 

✔️The Poster Viewing Terminals: At all other times when a poster viewing slot is not taking place all the monitors will offer continuous access to a library of all posters for the viewer to select and study any that they are interested in. 

✔️The Online Poster Library: The Poster Library will be available online for 12 months so that healthcare professionals from all over the world will be able to access and study all presented contributions. 

By supporting the e-poster experience at EIP 2020: 

➡️ Supported by and ​Logo on the signage of the Poster Theaters

➡️ Supported by and ​Logo on the signage of the e-Poster area 

➡️ Supported by and ​Logo on each individual e-poster station

➡️ Supported by and ​Logo on the online Poster Library 

➡️ 200 words and Logo on the supporters' section of the website and mobile app


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