With COVID-19 pandemic on the rise across Europe and new restrictions enforced in most countries including the Netherlands, it has become evident that a live conference would have been almost impossible to be organised with safety in December 2020. 

Nothing can replace face-to-face interaction and communication. During our professional lives, we have hugely valued the unique educational experiences that conferences have offered us over the years. Many of our best memories, from when we were students until we became experienced professionals, are related to the conferences we have attended with friends and colleagues from all over the world. We all remember exciting moments we have enjoyed, either when attending a groundbreaking presentation, or when sharing a relaxed evening with colleagues, in a fascinating city, after a conference day of intense training.

EIP conference will switch back to a face-to-face meeting
for the 13th Edition that will take place 2-4 December 2021. 

We won't miss the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic city of Amsterdam in 2021. We owe that to the city and our members so the 2021 conference will be held in Amsterdam. We will have the opportunity to meet again in person at the newest, state of the art convention centre in the Netherlands: the Postillion Convention Centre

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