Be aware of Housing Pirates. This name is given to companies that telephone, fax or email conference attendees and faculty members (often the names are taken from conference websites), claiming to offer good deals on hotel rooms. They may falsely claim to be affiliated with other events and also EIP 2020. If you provide your credit card information to one of these companies (commonly referred to as "housing pirates" or "housing bandits"), your card may be charged and you might not have a hotel room when you arrive in Amsterdam.  Note: We do not take credit cards.

Also, be aware that there are websites impersonating the EIP 2020 registration and hotel website. They can be very professional looking and may use online advertising to appear at the top of search results. The only way to access the EIP 2020 registration forms will be via links on https://eip-pediatrics-conference.ineip.org/.

For your convenience and ease, EIP 2020 has contracted single and double rooms for this year’s conference at the official venue. All reservations should go through our online registration system only. The hotel will not contact you regarding your booking and any information will come to you via EIP Secretariat. Equally any questions regarding your hotel booking should be addressed directly to us.

If you are concerned that you might have been targeted by a fraudulent site, please email us at secretariat@ineip.org as soon as possible and provide all details.

Domains of Websites and Emails to Be Wary of

It has come to our attention that 'Business Travel Management' [sales@btravelmanagement.com] sent out emails and called speakers and delegates regarding hotel bookings for EIP 2019. Please note that BTM is not affiliated with the EIP Conference. Do not provide them with your credit card details. Remember, book via the registration system to safely secure your rooms. 

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