Frequently Asked Questions

Why has the EIP2020 conference become virtual-only? 

We waited to see how the COVID pandemic would evolve after summer. With infections on the rise across Europe and new restrictions enforced in most countries including the Netherlands, it has become evident that a live conference would have been almost impossible to be organised with safety in early December. 

Will EIP conferences become virtual in the future?

Nothing can replace face-to-face interaction and communication. EIP conference will switch to a face-to-face meeting in 2021 hoping that by then we will have overcome the current crisis. 

Will you offer the option for digital attendance in the future?

On the positive side of things, the COVID crisis has driven us beyond boundaries, and we won't be able to ignore in the future the benefits that digital attendance offers. A hybrid model most probably will be the choice of the future.

Where will the 2021 conference be organised? 

We won't miss the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic city of Amsterdam. We owe that to the city and our members so the 2021 conference will be held in Amsterdam. 

Do you have the experience to organise a virtual conference?

EIP was one of the first institutions globally to adopt the new technologies, and we have gained extensive experience by organising live webinars and broadcasting selected conference sessions for many years.

I come from a different time zone. How can I attend sessions that are taking place well outside of the hours of my working day? 

Depending on the continent from which you are attending there will be sessions taking place morning or afternoon which will be within your reach. You will be able though to attend the sessions that are out of your reach by watching the videos of the recorded sessions.

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