Frequently Asked Questions 


▶︎   How will I present my abstract submitted for Oral Presentation?

We will include your accepted abstract in one of the Oral Presentation Sessions. As a presenter, you will receive further instructions on how to access the system. 

▶︎   If I can't travel at the time will I be able to present my abstract online?

Yes. EIP delivered a state-of-the-art virtual conference last year. We have the technology and the expertise to deliver online most of the EIP meeting experience. Even if in-person interaction in the social and networking events will not be the same for virtual attendees, we are sure that many of the additional benefits they will get will compensate them. We will unify the in-person and the online audiences as if they were all attending from one place, projecting virtual Presentations in the halls while we will broadcast in-hall presentations online. Both audiences will interact with the speakers asking questions and participating in polls in the same manner. Collaborative networking events will be open for online attendees to join virtually.

▶︎   How will I be able to present my abstract digitally from a different time zone?

Depending on your Time Zone we will place your presentation in the early morning or late afternoon sessions. If it is not convenient for you we offer the option to send us your presentation pre-recorded. 

▶︎   Are Oral and Posters sessions recorded and made available online?

As every session of the conference Oral and Poster Sessions are recorded and made available through the EIP Attendee Hub for 90 days after the conference. After that date, the Sessions will be made available through the EIP Community website.  

▶︎   How long should my Oral Presentation be?

Oral Presentations should be 8 minutes, followed by 2 minutes dedicated to questions asked to you by the moderator, the audience or your fellow presenters in the session. 

▶︎   What will I need for my Oral presentation?

If you are presenting digitally, you will need to have access to a computer with a camera, audio and microphone. Good quality internet is also essential to ensure good video quality. The most important thing is to have the presentation on your computer's desktop, put it in presentation mode and then share your desktop to make it visible to all attending. We will send you detailed instructions.

▶︎   Should I send the Powerpoint Slides of my Oral Presentation to you before my session? 

You must upload your presentation in the EIP Speaker Resource Center when you are asked to do so. The deadline for uploading is November 15, 2022.

▶︎   I am presenting digitally, and I haven't done online presentations before, so I feel anxious.

We will make sure that everything will go well. We will send detailed instructions in due time, and we will schedule a practice session 10 days before the actual sessions. Our platform uses Zoom for speakers, and you may be already familiar with the simple Zoom Meetings functionality.

▶︎   How will I prepare my ePoster and have it ready for presentation?

You will prepare your Poster using the ePoster platform that will open on October 15, 2022. We will send an email with your login details to access the system and create an interactive, multimedia ePoster. When you log in, you will be taken to the ePoster Editor Site where you will find basic instructions, a list of your ePosters, and a choice of editing templates. Choose a template and begin creating your iPoster. Your ePoster should be ready at the latest by November 15, 2022

▶︎   What can I include in my ePoster? 

Your iPoster can include: high-resolution images, detailed charts and diagrams, slide shows, high definition videos, audio files, links to external data sets and other dynamic content. There are no limits to content.

▶︎   Where will my ePoster be displayed?

ePosters will be displayed in the ePoster Library of the conference. We will provide a link to access the ePoster Library on the program and in the Abstracts Library of EIP Attendee Hub. Participants will be able to scroll through your content, click on images to enlarge them, watch and listen to video and audio files – including poster narrations – and explore your links to additional content on other websites. Authors have the option to record and attach their narrative to their posters so that all viewers will be able to view the Poster and listen to the author presenting his or her work.

▶︎   When and how will I present my ePoster? 

Each presenter will be offered a 3 min presentation in one of the Poster Theater Sessions included in the program followed by another 2 minutes dedicated to questions asked to you by the moderator, audience, or fellow presenters in session. You do not need to have a PowerPoint Presentation. You will have to open your ePoster from the ePoster Library and use it to present your work.  

▶︎   How will I get my Certificate of Presentation?

If you have presented your abstract either in-Person or Online you are entitled to a Certificate of Presentation confirming the presentation you have delivered at the conference. Certificates of Presentation will be made available on December 15, 2022, through the Abstracts Management System (Conftool). You will have to access the account you have used to submit your abstract to download it. Certificates of Presentation will not be available for any authors who missed their sessions and didn't deliver their presentation.