Frequently Asked Questions on Poster Presentation of Abstract

How will I prepare my iPoster and have it ready for presentation?

EIP will use the iPoster platform for the presenters to prepare their posters. An email will be sent with your login details for you to access the system and create an interactive, multimedia iPoster. When you log in, you will be taken to the iPoster Editor Site where you will find basic instructions, a list of your iPosters, and a choice of editing templates. Choose a template and begin creating your iPoster.

What can I include in my iPoster? 

Your iPoster can include: high-resolution images, detailed charts and diagrams, slide shows, high definition videos, audio files, links to external data sets and other dynamic content. There are no limits to content.

How long should my iPoster Presentation be?

iPoster presentations should be 5 minutes long

Where will my iPoster be displayed?

iPosters will be displayed in the virtual poster area of the conference. A link to access the poster area will be provided on the program. Participants will be able to scroll through your content, click on images to enlarge them, watch and listen to video and audio files – including poster narrations – and explore your links to additional content on other web sites. Authors have the option to record and attach their narrative to their posters so that all viewers will be able to not only view the Poster but also to listen to the author presenting his or her work.

When will I present my Poster? 

Each presenter will be offered a 5 min presentation in one of the Poster Theater Sessions included in the program. Poster Theater sessions are coordinated sessions by a panel of experts. The presenting author will be using the same system that all speakers are using. When presenting their Poster will be on display for all attendees to view. 

Where can I find detailed instructions for me to create my Poster?

We will send to presenting authors via email all the details and the links needed as soon as the platform is open.


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