Frequently Asked Questions 


▶︎   How can I submit an abstract?

Follow the link here and create an account in the Abstracts Submission System (Conftool). Through your account, you have access to a menu that allows you to submit your abstract. You must use the same email address for Abstract Submission that you have used/will use for your registration.

▶︎   If I am presenting an abstract, should I also pay for the conference?

Yes. The presenting author of an abstract must be confirmed and paid registrant for the abstract to be finally approved for presentation and be included in the program sessions.

▶︎   Can I register for the conference after I know that my abstract has been accepted?

Yes, you can. Note that registration should be made immediately after being informed for your submission to be valid and your presentation to be included in one of the program sessions. We recommend that you submit your abstract as soon as possible. We will review and inform you 10 days after the submission so that you have the opportunity to register for the conference early and benefit from the early periods discounted fees.

▶︎   Will I get a certificate of presentation for my abstract?

If you have presented your abstract either in person or online you are entitled to a Certificate of Presentation confirming the presentation you have delivered at the conference. Certificates of Presentation will be made available on December 15, 2022, through the Abstracts Management System (Conftool). You will have to access the account you have used to submit your abstract to download it. Certificates of Presentation will not be available for any authors who missed their sessions and didn't deliver their presentations.

▶︎   How many abstracts can I submit?

You can submit as many abstracts as you want. You can be the presenting author on up to 3 abstracts, irrespective of presentation type (Oral or Poster). Anyone may be listed as a co-author on multiple papers.

▶︎   Can more than one author present an abstract?

Any abstract can be presented by more than one of the listed authors. Note that each presenting author must be confirmed and paid registrant for the conference.

▶︎   What do I need to know about the Submission System?

The Conftool abstract submission system is easy to use. We recommend accessing it by using the latest versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari. It is recommended that you should enable JavaScript to facilitate the use of the system. The system allows you to pause your online submission at any time to continue at a later date, and your data will be saved.

▶︎   Until when I can make changes to my abstract?

You can edit or modify your abstract after the submission, but only until October 31, 2022. After the deadline, you can make no further corrections or changes to the abstract title or the co-authors.

▶︎   How do I know that my submission is completed?

After successfully submitting your abstract, you will receive an automatic confirmation by email if you do not then, please contact [email protected], having first checked your spam folder.

▶︎   Which email address should I use for abstract submission?

The same name and email address should be used for both the registration and the abstract submission systems to correlate.

▶︎   At the end of my submission, the system offers the option to submit Files. What does that mean?

Use the Submit Files option to submit any images, diagrams or tables you wish to be included in your abstract when published in the Abstract Book. Make sure that your abstract, as added in the abstract field, is correct. We will copy your abstract from this field, and it will be published as included by you.