Frequently Asked Questions on Videos On-demand of Recorded Sessions

How do I access the hub to watch the videos of the recorded sessions?

You will have to log into the EIP Virtual Attendee Hub with the same details (name, email) you have used when accessing the live sessions. The system will recognise your log in details and will send you a verification code. You can then choose any session you want to watch, and you will be directed to the session page with a Reply Button to start the video.

How long will the event remain open for access to the videos?

The event content will be accessible on-demand for 90 days following the original event dates.

How do I select sessions to access?

On-demand sessions are open to everyone registered, and therefore you do not need to pre-select any as part of your registration. Watch any recorded session of your choosing, at any time.

Is closed-captioning available?


Are presentations downloadable? 

Video content will be available for replay on-demand and accessible via EIP Virtual Attendee Hub login immediately following the end of each session and up to 90 days following the event. The speakers' presentations will not be available for downloading but only to watch as part of the video.

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