Professor and Chairman of Paediatrics at the University of Thessaly, 2018 Conference Scientific Program Coordinator, School of Medicine in Larissa, GREECE

His clinical work is in the fields of general paediatrics and infectious diseases. His main interests in research are respiratory and central nervous system infections. He has published 70 articles in peer-reviewed international journals. He is member of the Editorial Board of The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal and Chairman of the Committee of Scientific Affairs and Awards of the European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases.

He received his M.D. from the University of Athens and completed his medical residency at the University of Patras, School of Medicine in Patras, Greece. Between 1984 and 1986, he was trained in paediatric infectious diseases at the Division of Paediatric Infectious Disease, University of Texas Health Science Center at Dallas, Texas, USA. From 1986 to 2004, he was member of the Faculty of the University of Patras, School of Medicine in Patras, Greece. In 2003, he was elected as Professor of Paediatrics-Paediatric Infectious Diseases at the University of Patras. He has evaluated pneumococcal nasopharyngeal carriage and disease before and after the initiation of universal immunization with PCV7 in Greece. Recently, he has been working on community-associated staphylococcal infections.