No More Printed Materials at the Conference

The COVID-19 pandemic and the meetings we participated in have taught us an important lesson. We have come to realise that printed materials used at a conference is a total wasteful, environmentally unfriendly practice jeopardising valuable resources and endangering our planet's sustainability. We are determined to pursue more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible practices, which will help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations. Therefore, at the EIP conference, we won't have any printed materials.
  • The Abstract Book will be available online for everyone to view and download through the conference website
  • The Conference Program will be available online through the EIP Conference Mobile App, the Conference Website and the EIP Attendee Hub for anyone to view the topics, the speakers and the learning objectives for all educational activities. 
  • A program At-A-Glance PDF will also be made available to all attendees through our website for all delegates to view and download.
  • Sessions and conference evaluation forms will be made available through the Conference Mobile App and the EIP Attendee Hub. The delegates will complete and submit them after each session they have attended, and at the end of the meeting.
  • We will send the presentation certificates to Poster and Oral Presenters, Certificates of designated CME credits to all delegates via email after the conference.
  • We will send Invitations and Notifications for scientific and social events via the Mobile App. We will also send real-time push notifications and reminders to all delegates.