• How can I register for the conference? 
    To register for the conference, click the "Register" button, which will take you to EIP's Registration System. Firstly, select the registration type that matches your profession and country of practice. Next, you'll be asked to choose your preferred mode of attendance: Physical or Virtual. Following this, you can book a hotel room at the conference venue, or you may skip this step. Once your registration is submitted, you will receive a Pending Registration Notification via email.

  • What option to attend in person or virtually mean?
    The option to attend in person or virtually means you can either participate in the sessions on-site in the halls or access them live online through EIP's Attendee Hub. We'll broadcast all sessions live, and they'll also be recorded. These recordings will be available for on-demand viewing on EIP's Attendee Hub. This applies to both in-person and virtual attendees, who will have access to these videos for 90 days following the conclusion of the meeting.

  • What does the registration fee cover?
    For physical attendance, the registration fee provides access to all sessions in every hall, access to the live and recorded sessions via the Attendee Hub for 90 days, coffee breaks throughout the conference, lunch on the first two days, and all social and networking events. For virtual attendance, the fee grants access to all live broadcasted sessions and the same recorded sessions for 90 days via the Attendee Hub.

  • What if I want to attend online from another time zone?
    If you're attending the conference online from a different time zone, you can participate in live sessions that fit within your schedule. For any missed sessions, you can watch their recordings, which will be uploaded to the EIP Attendee Hub within 30 minutes of their conclusion. These recorded sessions will be accessible for on-demand viewing for 90 days following the conference, allowing you to catch up on anything you missed at your convenience.

  • After registering, I received a Pending Registration Notification email. What does that mean? 
    After registering, you will receive a Pending Registration Notification email indicating that your registration has not yet been finalized and awaits payment. You are given 10 days to complete the payment through a bank transfer. However, if the registration period is set to end in less than 10 days, ensure to make the payment before the closing date. Once your payment is received, we will confirm your registration and provide a link to download your invoice.

  • How and when should I pay the registration fee?
    The registration fee should be paid via bank transfer. Your registration status will remain 'pending' until the payment is received. You are generally allowed 10 days to complete this payment. However, if the registration period ends in less than 10 days, ensure your payment is made before this deadline. Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive the final confirmation of your registration along with a link to download your invoice.

  • How do I obtain my Invoice/Receipt?
    For a proforma invoice before payment, contact [email protected]. A link for downloading the final invoice will be included in the final Registration Confirmation email we will send post-payment. If the invoice needs to be addressed differently, add the details in the relevant field during registration.

  • Are there any one-day passes to the conference? 
    One-day passes are not available for the conference.

  • Are any fees available for nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, dieticians or nutritionists? 
    Choose the registration type of HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL NON-PHYSICIAN. Please upload the required supporting documents to your registration to confirm that you are entitled to the discounted registration fee.

  • Will there be any translation service available? 
    The conference will be conducted entirely in English, with all speakers presenting in this language. Please be aware that simultaneous translation services will not be available.

  • If I cannot attend the conference, can I cancel my registration?
    If you cannot attend the conference, you can still access all recorded sessions for 90 days after the event, eliminating the immediate need for cancellation. However, if you decide to cancel your registration, please refer to our cancellation policy. To proceed with cancellation, visit your registration confirmation page, use your confirmation number, and click the cancellation button. Any refunds due will be processed 30 days following the conference.

  • I have registered for Physical Attendance. What happens if I only want to attend online? 
    If you've registered for physical attendance but decide only to attend online, we can change your registration to virtual attendance. You will be eligible for a refund of the difference between the physical attendance fee you paid and the digital attendance fee as of your registration period.

  • Will I get a certificate of attendance after the conference? 
    Yes, you will be eligible for a certificate of attendance post-conference. Once the conference concludes, we will send you a link through which you can access and print your certificate. This certificate will be issued after you complete an online feedback form about the conference. Your CME credits depend on the number of sessions you attended in the halls, online, or watched as videos on-demand. Be sure to enter your details accurately during registration, as your certificate will be created using your provided name.