EIP is pleased to announce a number of major upgrades affecting all authors submitting abstracts for Poster and Oral Presentations. Learn about the new abstract review procedure, the new number of abstracts you could submit and present, the new Poster Sessions and the ePoster technology introduced for EIP 2020. 

➡️  Important change to the Abstract Review Procedure ✔️

All abstracts will undergo peer review when received and you will be informed whether your abstracts are accepted for presentation within 20 days of the submission date. 

We strongly advise that you submit your abstract as early as possible. You will know the results of the review very quickly so that you can benefit from the discounted fees when registering early, start your early visa application if required and plan your trip and accommodation at a lower cost. 

➡️  Important change to Submission Limitations per author   ✔️

EIP is pleased to announce the following changes to the submission limitations:

  • The same person may submit multiple abstracts regardless of the presenting author.
  • The same person may serve as presenting author on up to 3 abstracts, irrespective of the type of presentation (Oral or Poster). 
  • Anyone may be listed as co-author on multiple papers.

➡️  Important change to Submission of case studies for Oral Presentation  ✔️

Most of the scientific program 2-hour sessions are delivered by a Moderator and two invited speakers. Presentations are followed by Q&A or a case studies discussion. 

EIP is pleased to announce that 2 selected Case Studies submitted for Oral Presentation could be included in a relative session so most sessions will consist of a Moderator, two invited speakers and 2 case studies authors. Presenting authors will be asked to give a 15 min presentation on their case study followed by a panel discussion led by the session’s moderator.

➡️  Important change to Posters Sessions  ✔️

EIP is pleased to announce a major upgrade for all approved abstracts that will be presented as poster presentations at the 12th Excellence in Pediatrics Conference. All posters will be ePosters allowing EIP to upgrade the type and the format of the Posters Sessions:

  • Each presenter will be offered a 30 min Poster Viewing Slot when his Poster will be on display on one of the 5 Poster Area Screens. That means that only 5 posters by 5 authors will be simultaneously on display at any time over the 5 available screens. Presenters are expected to be present for their slot so that they will have the opportunity to explain and discuss their work with the viewers. 
  • Each presenter will be offered a 3 min presentation in one of the Poster Theater Sessions taking place each morning before the start of the program. Poster Theater sessions are coordinated sessions by a panel of experts. The coordinator brings a poster on the hall screen and the presenter is asked to offer a brief overview of his work and answer possible questions from the audience.      
  • Apart from the dedicated time slot when a poster will be solely on display on one of the monitors in the poster area, when poster viewings are not taking place, the monitors will display all posters in a list so that viewers will be able to take their time and study in-depth any poster they are interested in.  

➡️  Important change for Posters Display  ✔️

EIP is pleased to announce the introduction of ePoster technology for all approved abstracts that will be presented as poster presentations at the 12th Excellence in Pediatrics Conference. 

  • All posters will be presented as ePosters. This change will improve the design quality of posters, will minimize the cost of preparing a poster and you will avoid the hassle of transporting poster tubes when travelling to the conference. Moreover, authors will have the advantages of the dynamic multimedia system and have their poster displayed on the dedicated posters online library long after the conference has concluded.
  • The platform for accepted posters presentations will open September 6, 2020, giving to authors 3 months to access their dedicated page and design their poster. The system is extremely easy to use and we will provide instructions and tutorials that will help you make your posters as beautiful and comprehensive as possible. 

There will be a fee of 40 euros per author (irrespectively to the number of posters she/he presents) to cover the cost of the platform provider. The fee should be paid by all poster presenters before November 6, 2020, via credit card or bank transfer (details will be provided in due course by secretariat).


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