Maria_Szarras-Czapnik-201703.jpgConsultant Endocrinologist, Children's Memorial Health Institute, Warsaw, POLAND



She graduated Faculty of Medicine in Medical University of Warsaw.  She specialised in paediatrics, sexuology and paediatric endocrinology and diabetology. She has been trainees in molecular endocrinology in INSERM, Montpellier, France (1993, 1995). In 1997 she received her PhD. She was the organiser and vice-president of 38th Annual ESPE Meeting in 1999 in Warsaw. She has been Consultant Endocrinologist for more than thirty years in the Children's Memorial Health Institute, the leading paediatric hospital in Poland. She is also a full time Consultant Endocrinologist in Out-Patient Endocrine Clinic. The main focus of her work are disorders/differences of sex development. She published more than one hundred papers in this field. She is a co-author of  Polish paediatric and endocrinology textbooks for medical students and doctors. She has been a centre leader in an international “Dsd-LIFE project  Clinical European study on the outcome of surgical and hormonal therapy and psychological intervention in disorders of sex development” (2012-2017).



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