Head of Pediatric Emergency and Outpatients Unit, part of the Pediatric Department of Dell'Angelo Hospital, Venice, ITALY

Mario Cutrone is  a pediatrician working as a Pediatric and Neonatal Dermatologist at the Dell'Angelo Hospital in Venice, Italy. He is the author of more than 120 papers in Italian and international journals (with more than 300 citations and 30.000 full text downloads on Researchgate).


He is co-author of a Spanish Neonatal Dermatology Atlas (with Prof. R.Grimalt) and of an Italian Pediatric Dermatology book (with I.Berti). He wrote a chapter for a French reference text book on neonatal dermatology (Dermatologie Neonatale). He is one of the founder members and Past Vice-President of the Italian Society for Pediatric Dermatology (Siderp). President of 7 editions of the Neonatal Dermatology meeting in Venice; has given more than 350 talks as an invited speaker at national and international pediatric and dermatologic meetings and courses. He is skilled in neonatal dermatology (new-born transient dermatosis, genitals conditions, cutaneous vascular anomalies, hairs and nails conditions in new-born, mouth conditions, iatrogenic injuries).