8 Master Classes successfully organised in Prague

8 Master Classes have been organised in Prague covering topics in: (1) Dermatology, (2) Rheumatology, (3) Gastroenterology, (4) Neurology, (5) Endocrinology, (6) Infectious Diseases (7) Nutrition, (8) Respiratory. The 2018 masterclasses certainly delivered this with record attendance and outstanding feedback. Rooms were full in many cases and, based on their success in 2018, there will be 12 Masterclasses included in the 2019 programme.


The free-to-attend 2 hour sessions were designed to cater for paediatricians looking to gain a deeper understanding of an area in pediatrics or a subspecialty and provide a greater depth and level of detail in an interactive setting that is designed to encourage audience interaction and participation.

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