The high number of abstract presentations has taught us that the option to present virtually helps young investigators and residents present their work even from the most remote areas of the world without the burden of travel costs that bars them from participation. It is now evident that online conferences have opened new horizons for young scientists to present their work and interact with their colleagues from across the world. Hence we are determined to keep this window open in the future so that no one will miss the opportunity to present his work.  

In the past, a delegate would have been able to be present in one hall at each given time (getting about 20 hours of education from the whole conference) even if we had five halls in total with sessions in parallel. While now, with all sessions being broadcasted and then recorded, any attendee will have access to attend all sessions, either in-person in the hall or online, by watching the recorded videos. Each attendee will receive 100 hours of education compared to the previously available 20 hours. It is five times more content for the same amount of paid-for registration.

How do I register? Why is the cost for Digital Attendance reduced in comparison to the Physical one? What is included in the cost of the registration for Physical Attendance? What is included in the cost of the registration for Virtual Attendance? If I am attending in person, will I also have access to the sessions online? After registering online I received a Pending Registration Notification email. What does that mean? What if I want to attend online from another time zone? When should my registration fee be paid? How do I obtain my Invoice/Receipt? Are there any fees available for nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, dieticians or nutritionists? Are there any one day passes to the conference? Will there be any translation service available? If I am unable to attend the conference, can I cancel my registration? Will I get a certificate of attendance after the conference? I have registered for Physical Attendance. What happens if I only want to attend online? How can I submit an abstract? If I am presenting an abstract, should I also pay for the conference? Can I register for the conference after I know my abstract has been accepted? Will I get a certificate of presentation for my abstract? How many abstracts can I submit? How should I prepare for my Oral Presentation? How I should prepare for my Poster Presentation? Since you will organise the meeting onsite, why are you also offering online attendance? What are the differences in the experience offered between in-person and online attendance? How will I attend the sessions online on the date and the time the conference takes place? I am attending the conference in person, will I be able to view the recorded sessions? Is EIP a Green Meeting? How can I register a Group? What if I need a Visa to travel to the conference?