EIP greatly values the mutually beneficial relationship it has with several organisations and groups with which EIP works together for the annual EIP conference and Campaigns.
We welcome companies and organisations that, through their products, activities, and philosophy, enhance the quality of life for children and their families and align with EIP's values and mission in line with the Institute's Code of Ethics.
Partnerships that provide no clear advantage to child health or medical care, or no professional or educational benefit relating to the practice of pediatrics will not be considered for EIP participation.
EIP is a pediatric community offering the opportunity to promote your company or organisation to the conference attendees during the event and beyond the conference halls reaching a global network of 45,000 healthcare professionals globally.
The Excellence in Pediatrics conference offers a unique opportunity to meet and interact with leading academics and front line child and adolescent healthcare professionals from all over the world. The conference provides several opportunities to facilitate interaction between the conference delegates and the supporters.

Unrestricted Education Grant

The education grant is intended to support an existing track or session of the scientific program to be offered to conference delegates and pediatricians from a region or across the world.
Unrestricted grants for the educational activities below are of paramount importance for EIP to continue its mission. Companies providing unrestricted grants do not participate in selecting the topic and the speakers or influencing any aspect of the content. No promotional materials or advertising opportunities are included. We will disclose the support through an unrestricted grant to participants.
EIP will live stream the supported session or track offering healthcare professionals free registration to attend online. Supported sessions are recorded and offered for free through EIP Community to 45,000 healthcare professionals as webcasts. All sessions of the main program are developed by the scientific committee, which has the sole responsibility for selecting topics and speakers.
Suppose a supporter is interested in broadening the audience of a session that he considers essential and aligned to his educational objectives. In that case, he has the opportunity to help EIP reach new audiences on a large scale. We will acknowledge support on the website, the mobile app and the online registration pages for the broadcasted sessions.
Please contact us at [email protected] or click to send your request


▶︎   ePosters Library and Poster Theatre Sponsorship

E-Posters offer scientists a unique opportunity to present their work using the most sophisticated communication tools. At the same time, they can actively engage with the conference delegates and online with the entire EIP community. The poster presentation experience consists of sessions where authors will have the opportunity of a short coordinated presentation and the Online ePoster Library available for 12 months so that healthcare professionals from all over the world will access and study all presented contributions. The sponsor will be offered branding opportunities

▶︎   Conference Mobile App Sponsorship

The mobile app is the primary tool that attendees and faculty will use to explore the program, organise their personal agendas, navigate through the venue, submit their sessions evaluation forms, submit questions and respond to polls during the sessions. We will send push notifications, session reminders, and practical info on Amsterdam to all delegates through the app. The sponsor will be offered branding opportunities. 

▶︎   Social and Networking Events Sponsorship

Support the Welcome Reception that is taking place at the end of the first day of the conference. The reception is a great networking event to which all registered delegates and speakers are invited. Coffee and Lunch breaks are offering excellent networking opportunities every day across all days of the conference. The sponsor will be offered branding opportunities. 
Please contact us at [email protected] or click to send your request

Exhibitor Booth  

While the conference doesn't have a dedicated exhibition area, we can offer a limited number of booths in the Coffee and Lunch Break area of the conference to selected exhibitors. The exhibitor's staff will be able to interact with the delegates during the busy breaks.