EIP greatly values the mutually beneficial relationship it has with several organisations and groups with which EIP works together for the annual EIP conference and Campaigns.

The Excellence in Pediatrics conference offers a unique opportunity to meet and interact with leading academics and front line child and adolescent healthcare professionals from all over the world. The conference offers a number of opportunities to facilitate interaction between the conference delegates and the supporters. Industry, publishers, organisations and associations are welcomed to participate at the conference, in line with the Institute’s Code of Ethics 

🔗  Email us at secretariat@ineip.org or send us your request here

EIP develops relationships with organisations that, through their products, activities, and/or their philosophy, enhance the quality of life for children and their families and are aligned with EIP's values and mission. Partnerships that provide no clear advantage to child health or medical care, or no professional or educational benefit relating to the practice of pediatrics will not be considered for EIP participation.

⚠️Exhibitors and Supporters are responsible for complying with all regulations applied from relevant authorities on the promotion and marketing of medicines and medical technologies. Failure of an exhibitor or a supporter to comply with any regulation cannot be used as an excuse to declare a contract void. The organiser is not liable for any non-compliance issue related to an exhibitor or a supporter of the conference.

Get the opportunity to promote your company or organisation not only to the conference attendees during the event but also beyond the conference halls reaching a global network of 45,000 healthcare professionals globally.

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