Torun_Vatne.pngClinical Psychologist, Frambu Resource Center for Rare Disorders, NORWAY





Torun M. Vatne is a clinical psychologist specialized in child-and adolescence psychology. She did her Phd in 2011 with a focus on patient – provider communication in pediatric care. Her work concerns child-physician communication about somatic symptoms and emotional concerns during medical encounters and how this communication may be improved. Vatne is currently working as a clinical psychologist and researcher at Frambu resource centre for rare disorders. Clinically she is working with topics such as psychological health in chronically ill children, interventions to strengthen the communication in families of chronically ill children and palliative care. Vatne is a teacher in clinical communication at the Medical faculty at the University of Oslo, child therapy at the department of psychology at the University of Oslo, and general psychology at the nursing study of Lovisenberg University College.

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