Join us in Amsterdam. EIP 2020 offers you an excellent opportunity to generate new ideas, enhance your career and exchange knowledge with academics and leading experts from a broad spectrum of pediatric specialities. Be inspired by Amsterdam, a city to share and spread novel ideas


EIP is designed to facilitate education across 10 main pediatric specialties. If you are interested in learning the latest developments in your speciality or you wish to stay tuned with what is new across the spectrum of main pediatric specialties, EIP is the conference to attend. The scientific program can be viewed as a series of parallel speciality conferences that cover the very latest hot topics and developments across 10 specialities of pediatrics. Academics, leading experts and researchers from across the world will deliver for 3 days in 5 parallel halls state-of-the-art presentations on topics on Dermatology, Rheumatology, Gastroenterology, Nutrition, Endocrinology, Infectious diseases, Respiratory and Allergies, Neonatology, and Adolescent Medicine.


Take the opportunity to meet the leading experts and academics of your field. EIP is designed to facilitate interaction across all tracks and sessions. Hear the latest research outcomes, share your experience, discuss your ideas and get their feedback. 


Present your work and research and let your colleagues and the experts know who you are and what you are working on. Get feedback from the best of your field, get the recognition your work deserves and collaborate for your upcoming projects with researchers from all over the world. 


Spend time with colleagues from all over the world. Learn from them and let them also learn from your experiences. EIP is designed to improve the standard of care pediatricians deliver on the Monday morning after the conference.


Help decision-makers to adopt the best health policies that will improve child care. Let them hear the latest evidence, the current trends, and the best practices. Participate in the health policy meetings, discuss your ideas and help them shape a better future for all children. 


Did you know there are more canals in Amsterdam than there are in Venice? Since it was founded in the 12th century, Amsterdam has evolved from a small fishing village into one of the most important ports in the world during the Dutch Golden Age, and now into a bustling and beautifully preserved cosmopolis with about 800,000 residents, 880,000 bicycles, 165 canals, 1,281 bridges and 40 parks. Amsterdam is the place to be inspired. 

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