Head of the Department of Pediatric Dermatology, Heim Pál National Children’s Institute, Budapest HUNGARY

Prof. Zsuzsanna Szalai is the Head of the department of Pediatric Dermatology of Heim Pál National Children’s Institute in Budapest, Hungary.Her main interests are atopic dermatitis, haemangioma and vascular malformations, genetic diseases, genodermatoses, keratin disorders, skin infections, severe pediatric dermatological disorders. 


She graduated from the Medical Faculty of Semmelweis University Budapest in 1985; qualified in Pediatrics in 1992 and she was working in Bethesda Children’s Hospital. She qualified in Dermatology  in 1995 (1993/1995) at Semmelweis University Budapest and she was working in Heim Pál Children’s National Institute Budapest from 1994. She became the chief of the department in 2000.  Board member of  ESPD, secretary from 2005-2007; president from 2007-2009. Board member of the Hungarian Society of Dermatology; Head of the Workshop for Pediatric Dermatology of  Hungarian Society of Dermatology; Member of Editorial Board of different Journals, Member of the Clinical Investigator Board, and scientific board of Heim Pál Children’s Hospital; Member of EADV, ISAD, ETFAD EDF. Member of the Scientific Board of the ESPD at present. She was awarded the Kaposi medal in 2009. She is an Honorary member of the Serbian Society for Dermatovenerology. She organised the ESPD Congress Budapest in 2005. She organises the Advanced Fostering Courses for Pediatric Dermatology. She takes part in studies, writes articles, guidelines, book chapters, and is involved in organising Hungarian Pediatric Dermatology congresses.