Abstracts Submission Final Deadline:
September 6, 2020  

The Excellence in Pediatrics Institute welcomes healthcare professionals and investigators across the globe to submit and present their scientific work at the Excellence in Pediatrics Conference. Oral and Poster Presentation sessions are at the core of the Excellence in Pediatrics conference program according to our mission to support and facilitate research which improves child health globally. 

Please remember that presenting authors of abstracts must be registered and paid participants of the conference.
If you are the presenting author of your abstract you need to register in both systems; the EIP registration system to register for the conference and the EIP Abstracts Management System to submit your abstract. You must use the same email address for both systems and your name should be identical as it will be used for any certificates required. Also, follow the links below to read important information before you start your submission.

Deadlines and Rules of Submission

What to Know About the Submission System

Submissions, Presentation and Certificates for Authors Registered for Digital Attendance

Learn about the Posters Theatre Sessions, How to Prepare your Poster Online, the Poster Viewing and Online Library

Learn the Abstracts Types and What is Needed for Each Type

Abstracts Review Process and When to Expect the Review Results

View the Abstracts Topics and Prepare which Topics you will add to your Submission

Number of Abstracts Submitted and Presented Allowed per Conference Registrant

Submission Guidelines and What to Have on Hand Before you Start

Selected Case Reports Included for Oral Presentation in the Expert Sessions


Click here to Register for Physical or Digital Attendance for the Conference. Hotel Booking is Optional
Click here to create an account in Abstracts Submission System and submit your abstract 



All abstracts will undergo peer review when received and you will be informed whether your abstracts are accepted for presentation within 20 days of the submission date. We strongly advise that you submit your abstract as early as possible. You will know the results of the review very quickly so that you can benefit from the discounted fees when registering early, start your early visa application if required and plan your trip and accommodation at a lower cost. 

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Oral and Poster presenters who are registered for Digital Attendance will be able to connect online and present their work to all conference attendees (either attending physically or online). Their sessions will be recorded and will be available online for many months to come.  Authors who will present online will receive via email dedicated links enabling them to connect to their sessions as panellists and present their work to the physical and online audience as if they were physically at the conference. Oral presenters will connect and present at the Oral Presentation session to which their abstract has been allocated. Poster presenters will connect and present online at the Poster Theatre Sessions where their abstracts will have been allocated. 

If you are attending digitally you will get exactly the same CME certificate as if you were attending physically. If you are presenting online you will also get exactly the same certificate of presentation as if you were presenting physically at the conference. 

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Abstract submission limitations: (1) The same person may submit multiple abstracts regardless of the presenting author. (2) The same person may serve as presenting author on up to 3 abstracts, irrespective of the type of presentation (Oral or Poster). (3) Anyone may be listed as a co-author on multiple papers.

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Most of the scientific program 2-hour sessions are delivered by a Moderator and two invited speakers. Presentations are followed by Q&A or a case studies discussion. 2 selected Case Studies submitted for Oral Presentation could be included in a relative session so most sessions will consist of a Moderator, two invited speakers and 2 case studies authors. Presenting authors will be asked to give a 15 min presentation on their case study followed by a panel discussion led by the session’s moderator.

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Major upgrade for all approved abstracts that will be presented as poster presentations at the 12th Excellence in Pediatrics Conference. All posters will be ePosters allowing EIP to upgrade the type and the format of the Posters Sessions:

  • Each presenter will be offered a 30 min Poster Viewing Slot when their Poster will be on display on one of the 5 Poster Area Screens. That means that only 5 posters from 5 authors will be simultaneously on display at any time over the 5 available screens. Presenters are expected to be present for their slot so that they will have the opportunity to explain and discuss their work with the viewers. 

  • Each presenter will be offered a 3 min presentation in one of the Poster Theater Sessions taking place each morning before the start of the program. Poster Theater sessions are coordinated sessions by a panel of experts. The coordinator brings a poster onto the hall screen and the presenter is asked to offer a brief overview of his work and answer possible questions from the audience.

  • Apart from the dedicated time slot when a poster will be solely on display on one of the monitors in the poster area, when poster viewings are not taking place, the monitors will display all posters in a list so that viewers will be able to take their time and study in-depth any poster they are interested in.  

EIP introduces the ePoster technology for all approved abstracts that will be presented as poster presentations at the 12th Excellence in Pediatrics Conference. 

  • All posters will be presented as ePosters. This change will improve the design quality of posters, will minimize the cost of preparing a poster and you will avoid the hassle of transporting poster tubes when travelling to the conference. Moreover, authors will have the advantages of the dynamic multimedia system and have their poster displayed on the dedicated posters online library long after the conference has concluded.

  • The platform for accepted posters presentations will open on September 6, 2020, giving authors 3 months to access their dedicated page and design their poster. The system is extremely easy to use and we will provide instructions and tutorials that will help you make your posters as beautiful and comprehensive as possible. There will be a fee of 40 euros per author (irrespective of the number of posters she/he presents) to cover the cost of the platform provider. The fee should be paid by all poster presenters before November 6, 2020, via credit card or bank transfer (details will be provided in due course by secretariat). 

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Participants interested in presenting their abstract at the Meeting are invited to submit an abstract via the abstract submission system. 

The Conftool abstract submission system is designed to run on a number of different internet browsers. We recommend using the latest versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari. It is recommended that JavaScript should be enabled to facilitate the use of the system.

The system allows you to pause your online submission at any time to continue at a later date and your data will be saved. You can also edit or modify your abstract after final submission, but only up until 30 October 2020. After the deadline, no further corrections or changes to the abstract title or the co-authors can be made.

The exact same name and email address should be used for both the registration and the abstract submission systems so that they correlate. After successful submission of your abstract, you will receive an automatic confirmation by email. If you do not then please contact secretariat@ineip.org, having first checked your spam folder.

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  • Abstracts submitted after 6 September 2020 will not be accepted.
  • All contributions should be submitted through the online system. Abstracts sent by post or email will not be accepted. 
  • Presenting authors of abstracts must be registered and paid participants. 
  • Registration and payment for the conference must take place immediately after the author is informed that the contribution is accepted for presentation. If registration is not made after the author is informed, the abstract will be removed from the system. 
  • The Programme Committee will endeavour to schedule abstracts according to authors’ preferences but reserves the right to decide on the final form of presentation.
  • Abstracts must be original. Formerly published abstracts, either locally or internationally, or which have already been presented at international meetings and/or conferences, cannot be accepted.
  • The presenting author is required to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the content of the abstract before submission.
  • As a condition of submission, EIP requires you to agree to surrender any copyright over the abstract as submitted for inclusion in the Abstract Book.
  • Abstracts will be published exactly as they are uploaded in the relevant abstract field of the online system and not based on any submitted attachments in doc or PDF format.  
  • All abstracts must be submitted and presented in clear English with accurate grammar and spelling of a quality suitable for publication. Please use the various tools available online to check your abstract’s grammar and spelling or ask the help of a native English speaker colleague. 
  • Abstracts stating “data will be discussed in the presentation” will NOT be accepted.
  • Abstract submitters will be required to disclose any conflict of interest in the submission form. The presentations are for scientific purposes only and are not to be used for any commercial gain or purpose. To this end, if you have received any form of honoraria or financial support from a commercial company relating to the preparation of your abstract this should be disclosed. 
  • We ask that brand names of commercial products be avoided unless they are essential both to the content and to the scientific findings of the presentation. Whilst the name of Companies associated with the research should be divulged there should be no use of commercial logos.

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As soon as you enter the system you will be asked to choose the type of your presentation depending on which type describes best the nature of your abstract and whether you wish to present it as an ORAL or POSTER presentation. The form will affect the information you are asked to provide within your abstract.

Type 1 - Oral Presentation: Clinical Audit, Prospective Survey, Clinical Study

Required: (1) Background, (2) Methods, (3) Results, (4) Conclusions. Accepted submissions of this type will be included as a 10 min presentation in one of the moderated Oral Presentations Sessions of the Program (based on selected topic/specialty) 

Type 2 - Oral Presentation: Literature Review or Guideline Review

Required: (1) Background and Objective, (2) Methods, (3) Learning Points Discussion. Accepted submissions of this type will be included as a 10 min presentation in one of the moderated Oral Presentations Sessions of the Program (based on selected topic/specialty) 

Type 3 - Oral Presentation: Case Report or Case Series 

Description of one or more cases providing useful learnings for clinicians. Required: (1) Background, (2) Case Presentation Summary, (3) Learning Points Discussion. Accepted submissions of this type will be included either (1) as a 15 min presentation in a relative track session consisting of a moderator, two invited speakers and 2 case studies authors. (2) as a 10 min presentation in one of the moderated Case Studies Interactive Sessions of the Program (based on selected topic/specialty) 

Type 4 - Poster Presentation

Depending on which of the Types 1-3 describes best the nature of your abstract, include the information as required to the relevant type. Accepted submissions of this type will be included (1) as a 3 min presentation in a moderated Poster Theatre Session (2) as a 30 min Poster Viewing in one of Poster Viewings Slots.

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Once you select your abstract type, you will choose from one of the below topics to submit your abstract to. The Topic will affect the inclusion of the abstract in the relative specialty conference tracks.


A special call for abstracts focusing on COVID-19

  1. Caring for Children with Complex Medical Conditions During COVID-19
  2. Addressing Child and Family Mental Health Needs During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  3. Vaccinations in the COVID-19 pandemic
  4. Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome
  5. Communicating with children and parents during COVID-19 
  6. Clinical and CT features in pediatric patients with COVID‐19 infection 
  7. Guidance on Providing Pediatric Care during COVID-19 
  8. Disruptions in pediatric care during COVID-19
  9. Health Resilience and Health System Preparedness in times of Pandemic
  10. The Role of Telehealth during COVID-19 and beyond

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Before you submit your abstract, please prepare the following information:

  • Presenting author’s contact details should be the same details as the submitting author so that the presenting author receives the correspondence about the abstract. Please use the exact same email address for both your registration to the conference and your abstract submission. 
  • Author and co-authors’ details. Please ensure you tick the box for the presenting author.
  • Selection of Type (abstract type) and preferred Topic & Sub-topic – select the abstract sub-topic as per the list of topics.
  • Abstract title – limited to 25 words typed in lowercase letters
  • Abstract text word limit to 400 words. The 400 words limit does not include the abstract title and the names and/or affiliations of authors. Details of authors should not be added in the abstract field but in the available fields for authors’ details.
  • Tables and Images: You are able to add one table/figure per abstract. Please mark in your abstract’s text where a table, a diagram or a photo should be inserted and upload them as attachments in one of the system’s accepted formats (doc, pdf, jpeg, png). Please note that images/tables may be resized to fit in the final material.
  • Use only standard abbreviations. Place special or unusual abbreviations in parentheses after the full word appears the first time.
  • Use generic names of drugs. Express numbers as numerals. The presentation must be balanced and contain no commercial promotional content.
  • Submissions may not contain patient names, hospital ID numbers or other identifying information.
  • Click on the SUBMIT button at the end of the process in order to submit your abstract. 
  • You will receive an abstract ID number via email after you have submitted your abstract. Please refer to this abstract number in all correspondence regarding the abstract. Please contact us if you have not received confirmation that your abstract has been submitted, having first checked your spam folder.
  • Please do not submit multiple copies of the same abstract.
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at secretariat@ineip.org

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