Abstract Submission 

In-Person and Online Presentations in 2021

EIP firmly believes that new research is critical for improving standards of pediatric, neonatal and adolescent medicine and with this in mind it was excellent that last year's conference featured its highest number of abstract submissions ever.

We have paid close attention to what the authors have suggested for the future based on their virtual meeting experience. In particular, how much presenting virtually has helped young investigators and residents to present their work even from the most remote areas of the world and without the burden of travel costs that often prevent them from participating. It is now evident that online conferences have opened new horizons to young scientists to present and interact with their colleagues from across the world. Hence we are determined to keep this window open in the future so that no one will miss the opportunity to present their work.  

With this in mind, while we look forward to meeting all authors in Amsterdam this December we also welcome all those who prefer to present their abstracts online in 2021.

We have the technology and the expertise to deliver online most of the EIP meeting experience. Even if in-person interaction in the social and networking events will not be the same for virtual attendees, we are sure that many of the additional benefits they will get will compensate them. We will unify the in-person and the online audiences as if they were all attending in one place, projecting virtual Presentations in the halls while we will broadcast in-hall presentations online. Both audiences will interact with the speakers asking questions and participating in polls in the same manner. Collaborative networking events will be open for online attendees to join virtually.


Important to know before you start your submission

  • The Final Submission deadline is October 15, 2021. You can submit your abstract at any time from now until the system is closed. However, we recommend that you submit your abstract and register for the conference the soonest possible.
  • You will be able to revisit your submitted abstract at any stage up to October 20, 2021, to make changes before it is sent for publication. We review every submitted abstract within 5 days of the submission date. We will then inform you whether your abstract has been accepted for presentation.
  • Abstract submission limitations: (1) The same person may submit multiple abstracts regardless of the presenting author. (2) The same person may serve as presenting author on up to 3 abstracts, irrespective of the type of presentation (Oral or Poster). (3) Anyone may be listed as a co-author on multiple papers.
  • Contributions approved for Oral Presentation will be presented in one of the Oral Presentation Sessions of the program. The abstracts will be included in the abstracts library of the EIP2021 Virtual Attendee Hub and the EIP2021 Abstract Book published by Cogent Medicine.
  • Contributions approved for Poster Presentation will be presented in one of the Poster Theatre Sessions of the program, and the posters will be published in the ePoster library. The abstracts will be included in the abstracts library of the EIP2021 Virtual Attendee Hub and the EIP2021 Abstract Book published by Cogent Medicine.
  • As soon as you click on the link below to start your submission, we will divert you to EIP's Abstracts Management System (ConfTool). You will be asked to create an account, and then you will be able to submit your contributions.
  • Please remember that presenting authors of abstracts must be registered and paid participants of the conference. If you are the presenting author of your abstract, you need to register in both systems; the EIP registration system to register for the conference and the EIP Abstracts Management System to submit your abstract. You must use the same email address for both systems, and your name should be identical as you will use it for any certificates required.

Read the Submission Guidelines


Click below to start your abstract submission. You will be directed to the Abstract Management System which will open in a new window.


What to expect after your submission

  • After successfully submitting your abstract through EIP's Abstract Management System (ConfTool), you will receive an automatic confirmation by email if you do not then, please contact [email protected], having first checked your spam folder.
  • We will review your abstract within 5 days of the submission date. We will then inform you whether your abstract has been accepted for presentation.
  • When your registration for the conference is confirmed, we will allocate your presentation in a session and it will be included in the conference program published online.
  • We will then immediately grant you access to EIP's Speaker Resource Centre so that you will be able to edit your profile which will be included in the EIP Speakers webpage.
  • The Speaker Resource Centre is a limited-access website for our conference speakers' exclusive use, aiming to facilitate the communication between the organisers and our faculty. Through this, you will be able to update your profile as it appears on the Speakers page, the Conference Program page of the 2021 EIP Conference website. You will also use this website to upload your PowerPoint presentation, receive notifications and information about your session, and complete tasks and the meeting surveys.
  • If you are presenting a Poster, you will have access to the ePosters platform from October 15, 2021, to prepare your ePoster presentation.

Career Development and Live Networking Events

for Young Scientists in 2021

In addition, we want to help you fully prepare to deliver the best poster or oral presentations possible and will be holding free 30-minute online practical presentation skills sessions 8 weeks prior to your poster and oral presentations. These are designed for those presenting either online or onsite.
However, we also know that we can’t remain purely online for the rest of our lives and onsite connection and networking is vital for your career development and progress in pediatric healthcare. With this in mind, we are launching a series of onsite networking sessions for abstract submitters in Amsterdam that will allow you to connect with the Senior Physician who will be moderating your poster or oral presentation prior to your presentations to provide you with practical advice and base questions to consider prior to your presentation.
In addition, 3 onsite Career Development Networking sessions will take place during Thursday and Friday Lunchtime and on Saturday morning in Amsterdam in 2021. Each session will feature a keynote speaker delivering a 20-minute briefing and then 40 minutes for lunch/coffee and networking. All Networking meetings and catering are included in the conference registration fee.


Cogent Medicine is a multidisciplinary open-access journal, publishing experimental, translational & clinical approaches in all areas of the biomedical sciences and clinical research and practice. The journal is the official publishing partner of EIP. All approved for presentations abstracts will be published by Cogent Medicine
About Cogent Medicine
The journal publishes experimental, translational and clinical approaches across all areas of biomedical sciences and clinical research and practice. Cogent Medicine hosts supporting supplementary material and data files via the online repository figshare and article-level metrics are available on all articles and offer a complete overview of how people are engaging with research. All articles published in the journal are freely available to access online. As part of Taylor & Francis Group, we are building on solid foundations and maintaining the traditional values and high standards of an organisation with more than 200 years of experience.
Follow the link to view the 2020 Abstract Book published by Cogent Medicine. Also, you can view all past conference abstract books here.



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