Empower, educate, and bring together communities and healthcare professionals throughout Europe to boost vaccination rates and shield populations from vaccine-preventable illnesses. Through dynamic campaigns, meaningful partnerships, and data-driven advocacy, our goal is to overcome obstacles to vaccination, build confidence in vaccines, and enhance the robustness of healthcare systems, paving the way to a healthier future for everyone.


The Vaccines Together Initiative places a strong emphasis on the power of collaborative efforts, aiming to create a vast network of alliances with organisations, professional associations, and leading experts in the fields of vaccines and health policy from top-tier universities across Europe. Leveraging the combined knowledge and resources of these partners, we are committed to addressing the hurdles related to vaccine acceptance and implementing a LifeCourse vaccination strategy. This cooperative strategy guarantees thorough protection from vaccine-preventable diseases for individuals at all stages of life, demonstrating our dedication to consolidating efforts in public health improvement.

Uniting for Health

Empowering Lifecourse Immunisation for Community Resilience and Wellbeing

In today's world, marked by unparalleled public health challenges, the concept of LifeCourse Immunisation stands out as a crucial approach. It underscores the significance of continuous vaccination through every phase of life, representing more than just a health measure—it's a foundational pillar for national resilience and societal well-being. This perspective not only focuses on safeguarding individual health but also emphasizes the collective benefit and protection afforded to communities and nations as a whole, reinforcing the essential role of vaccination in securing a thriving and resilient society.