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The scientific program can be viewed as a series of parallel speciality conferences that cover the very latest hot topics and developments across specialities of pediatrics. Academics, leading experts and researchers from across the world will deliver for 3 days in 5 parallel halls state-of-the-art presentations on topics of Dermatology, Rheumatology, Gastroenterology, Nutrition, Endocrinology, Infectious diseases, Respiratory and Allergies, Neonatology, and Adolescent Medicine.


➡️ Pertussis Research and New Developments   Ass. Prof. Dimitri Diavatopoulos, Radboud Center for Infectious Diseases, Nijmegen (NL)  
➡️ Pneumococcal Vaccinations and Surveillance Data After PCV10   Prof. Lieke Sanders, University Medical Centre, Utrecht (NL)  
➡️ Immunological Consequences of Measles Infection    Prof. M.G. Netea, Radboud Center for Infectious Diseases, Nijmegen (NL)  
  INFECTIOUS DISEASES (INF-2): Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection
➡️ RSV and Coming RSV Immunizations   Prof. Louis Bont, Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital, Utrecht (NL)  
➡️ Could it be Mycoplasma Pneumoniae?   Prof. Annemarie van Rossum, Sophia Children’s Hospital, Rotterdam (NL)  
➡️ Microbiome, RSV and Viral Respiratory Infections   Prof. Debby Bogaert, University of Edinburgh, (UK)  
  INFECTIOUS DISEASES (INF-3): Influenza in the COVID-19 era
  Topics and speakers to be announced      
  INFECTIOUS DISEASES (INF-4): Management of COVID-19 Pediatric Infections
  Topics and speakers to be announced       
➡️  Why Infections Emerge     Dr Aubrey Cunnington, Imperial College
London (UK)
  RESPIRATORY (RES-1): The life course perspective to respiratory health trajectory  
➡️ The Dangers of Lung Function Impairment in Childhood   Prof. Adnan Custovic, Imperial College
London (UK)
➡️ Oral Immunotherapy for Food Allergy   Dr Paul Turner, Imperial College
London (UK)
➡️ Microbes as Novel Targets for Asthma Treatment and Prevention   Prof. Sejal Saglani, Imperial College
London (UK)
  RESPIRATORY (RES-2): Updates on Respiratory Conditions
➡️ Management of Pre-School Wheezing   Prof. Adnan Custovic,  Imperial College
London (UK)
➡️ Chronic Wet Cough   Prof. Ahmad Kantar, Istituti Ospedalieri
Bergamaschi, Bergamo (IT)
➡️ Diagnosis and Management of Congenital Abnormalities of the Lungs   Prof. Daan Caudri, Sophia Children's Hospital, Rotterdam (NL)  
  RESPIRATORY (RES-3): Rare lung diseases and long term consequences of early life events
➡️ Long Term Effects of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia   Dr Marielle Pijnenburg, Erasmus MC University Medical Center, Rotterdam (NL)  
  RHEUMATOLOGY (RHE-1): What you should know in pediatric rheumatology and beyond  
➡️ Physical Examination in Pediatric Rheumatology   Prof. Rolando Cimaz, Meyer Pediatric Hospital, Florence (IT)  
➡️ Non-inflammatory Pain Syndromes   Prof. Christian Hedrich, University of
Liverpool (UK)
➡️ Joints and Eye   Prof. Kirsten Minden, Charité University,
Berlin (DE)
  RHEUMATOLOGY (RHE-2): Joints and skin. What is the connection?
➡️ Joints and Skin in Rheumatology: A Long-Standing Couple   Dr Teresa Giani, Anna Meyer Children University Hospital, Florence (IT)  
➡️ Joints and Skin   Prof. Marija Jelusic, University of
Zagreb (CR)
➡️ Joints and Skin   Prof. Isabelle Konè-Paut, Hôpital de Bicêtre,  Le Kremlin-Bicêtre (FR)  
➡️ Joints and Skin    Dr Maryam Piram, Centre d'Epidémiologie et de Santé des Populations, Villejuif (FR)  
  RHEUMATOLOGY (RHE-3): Rheumatology update and challenging cases
➡️ Interactive Cases on Pitfalls in Pediatric Rheumatology   Prof. Alexandre Belot, Hôpital Femme-Mère-Enfant, Lyon (FR)  
➡️ Emergencies in Pediatric Rheumatology   Prof. Carine Wouters, Adaptive Immunology, KU Leuven (BE)  
  GASTROENTEROLOGY & NUTRITION (GAS-1): Updates on Gastrointestinal Conditions  
➡️ Coeliac Disease and the New Guidelines   Prof. Luisa Mearin, Leiden University
Medical Center (NL)
➡️ Treatment of Nausea   Prof. Marc Benninga, University of
Amsterdam (NL)
  GASTROENTEROLOGY & NUTRITION (GAS-2): Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders
➡️ Non-Pharmacological Treatment of Functional Abdominal Pain    Prof. Marc Benninga, University of
Amsterdam (NL)
➡️ Pharmacological Treatment of Functional Abdominal Pain   Prof. Mark Beattie, University Hospital,
Southampton (UK)
➡️ The Role of the Pediatric Surgeon in Functional Constipation   Dr Justin de Jong, Emma Children’s Hospital, Amsterdam (NL)  
➡️ Inflammatory Bowel Disease   Prof. Mark Beattie, University Hospital,
Southampton (UK)
  GASTROENTEROLOGY & NUTRITION (GAS-4): Publications Update 
➡️   Recent Papers in Gastroenterology & Nutrition  

  Prof. Mark Beattie, University Hospital,
Southampton (UK)
  Prof. Marc Benninga, University of
Amsterdam (NL)
➡️ Nutritional Support in the Intensive Care   Prof. Koen Joosten, Erasmus MC University Medical Center, Rotterdam (NL)  
➡️ Nutritional Support of the Preterm Infant    Dr Mark Johnson, University Hospital,
Southampton (UK)
➡️ Intestinal Failure: Home Parenteral Nutrition   Dr Merit Tabbers, Amsterdam UMC (NL)  
  ENDOCRINOLOGY (END-1): Updates   
➡️ Diagnostic Approach to Disorders of Sex Development   Dr Nils Krone, University of Sheffield (UK)  
➡️ Genetic Obesity, Diagnostics and Novel Drug Therapies   Dr Erica van den Akker, Erasmus MC University Medical Center, Rotterdam (NL)  
➡️ Turner Syndrome—Diagnosis and Therapy   Dr Theo Sas, Erasmus MC University
Medical Center, Rotterdam (NL)
➡️ Psychosocial Effects on Growth   Emeritus Prof. Alan. D. Rogol, University of Virginia (US)  
  DERMATOLOGY (DER-1): Updates   
➡️ Mastocytosis   Dr Dirk van Gysel, O.L Vrouw
Hospital, Aalst (BE)
➡️ Allergological Workup in Atopic Dermatitis   Prof. Suzanne Pasmans, Erasmus MC
University Medical Center, Rotterdam
➡️ Dermoscopy in Children    Prof. Ramon Grimalt, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Barcelona (ES)  
  DERMATOLOGY (DER-2): Workshop
➡️   Differential Diagnosis of White Spots in Children     Dr Barbara Kunz, Dermatologikum,
Hamburg (DE)
➡️ Lumps and Bumps in Infants   Dr. Mario Cutrone, Ospedale San Bortolo Vicenza, Venice (IT)  
➡️ Common Tumours in Childhood    Prof. Zsuzsanna Szalai, Heim Pál Children's Hospital, Budapest (HU)  
  NEONATOLOGY (NEO-1): Ventilation/Lungs    
➡️   Transient Tachypnea of the Newborn (TTN)  

Prof. Arjan te Pas, University of Leiden (NL)

➡️ Invasive and Non-Invasive High-Frequency Ventilation in Newborns   Prof. Anton van Kaam, University
of Amsterdam (NL)
➡️ Resuscitation of the Newborn   Speaker to be announced  
➡️  Neonatal Non-Invasive Respiratory Support   Dr Torsten Uhlig, LMU University
  NEONATOLOGY (NEO-2): Updates
➡️  Newborn Nutrition – New Trends for Oral and Parenteral Nutrition   Prof. Roy Philip, University of Limerick (IR)  
➡️  Feeding Problems and Tongue-Tie   Prof. Roland Hentschel, University Medical
Center, Freiburg (DE)
➡️ Seizures in the Neonate: State-of-the-Art   Prof. Maria Roberta Cilio, University of
Louvain (BE)
➡️  Update on Sedation and Analgesia in Neonates   Hanna Petersen, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin (DE)  
  SPOT THE EARLY SIGNS (SES-1): Oral and Dental Health 
➡️ Normal development of mouth/face in infants. Important hard (teeth) and soft tissue anomalies that need early recognition   Ass. Prof. Richard Widmer, University
of Sydney (AU)
  ADOLESCENT MEDICINE (ADM-1): Adolescent Mental Health and Psychiatry  
➡️ Topics and speakers to be announced      
  ADOLESCENT MEDICINE (ADM-1): Nutrition and Obesity
➡️  Topics and speakers to be announced       
➡️  Transition to Adult Care    Prof. Joan Carles Suris, Centre Hospitalier
Universitaire, Vaudois
➡️ PFG1: Lifecourse Vaccinations As The Basis Of Health Systems Resilience And Preparedness
  Experts and Stakeholders Briefings, Interventions, Country Updates and Discussion   
➡️ PFG2: Building On The Public's Experiences From COVID-19 To Increase Vaccines Confidence And Address Misinformation And Education Gaps
  Experts and Stakeholders Briefings, Interventions, Country Updates and Discussion   
➡️ WG1: Influenza Vaccinations For The Next Season Should Be The First Priority For All Countries
  Experts and Stakeholders Briefings, Interventions, Country Updates and Discussion   
➡️ WG2: Meningococcal Vaccinations Against All Strains Are Now More Important Than Before COVID-19
  Experts and Stakeholders Briefings, Interventions, Country Updates and Discussion   
➡️ WG3: Protection Against Pneumococcal Infections Is Now More Essential Than Ever
  Experts and Stakeholders Briefings, Interventions, Country Updates and Discussion   

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