The 5th LifeCourse Immunisation and Health System Resilience Working Group Meetings
Taking Place in Amsterdam 3rd and 4th December 2020 (Live and Virtual Attendance)

The Five Expert Working Group Meetings taking Place in December 2020 are each tasked with identifying, proposing and implementing targeted actions to increase vaccination rates in a particular disease field or policy area by advocating universal immunity against all vaccines preventable diseases for all age groups.

The 4th LifeCourse Immunisation Meeting took place in Copenhagen in December 2019 featuring: 58 invited experts in attendance, 32 European organisations and public health Institutions represented, 27 presentations, 63 interventions, 29 country updates, and plenary sessions delivered by the WHO, EU Commission and Vaccine Confidence Project.

In the context of the COVID-19 Pandemic increasing the health system's resilience and the vaccines preparedness approach will be a theme running through all 5 Working Group Meetings for the 5th Lifecourse Immunisation Focus Group. The Working Groups, both in the run-up to December and at the Meetings, will explore how although vaccinations might become a lesser priority due to shifts in budget priorities targeting to increase healthcare systems resilience and preparedness after COVID-19, they are in fact the key to both resilience and preparedness in the long term. Also, any postponement or delay in essential vaccinations will cause major disruptions increasing the danger of disease outbreaks and now more than ever LifeCourse vaccination must be pursued at the cornerstone of health system resilience.

    The 5 Expert Working Group Meetings in December 2020 will look at:

PGF1: LifeCourse Vaccinations as the Basis of Health Systems Resilience and Preparedness 
PFG2: Building on the Public’s Experiences from COVID-19 to Increase Vaccine Confidence
PFG3: Influenza Vaccinations for the Next Season Should be the First Priority for All Countries
PFG4: Meningococcal Vaccinations Against All Strains are Now More Important Than Before COVID-19
PFG5: Protection Against Pneumococcal Infections is Now More Essential Than Ever

The Working Group Meetings are part of EIP's work as part of the
EU Vaccines Coalition. Topics are selected to correspond directly with specific needs that have been included in the EU 2022 Road Map for the Implementation of Actions identified by the European Commission.

By connecting colleagues and experts across Adolescent Medicine, General Practice, Pharmacy and Nursing - and by uniting as part of the EU Council's Coalition for Vaccination - our goal is to overcome barriers by promoting a LifeCourse policy approach to vaccines.

By bringing together the key organisations, opinion leaders, associations, and policymakers EIP are constantly working on what needs to change and what activities need to happen to support the desired change. Each meeting is structured to start with four 15 min presentations for the Vaccination specific meetings (presenting the evidence). After the presentations, a discussion will follow on 3 pre-selected discussion topics/questions to be answered. Meeting participants will be prepared to either make a short intervention (3 min each) or offer updates from their countries (5 min each). The final section will be dedicated to discussion on a proposed road map and an action plan that will be prepared and shared with all participants before the meetings.

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