Option to attend In-Person or Online

  • Admission Choices: Select physical or digital attendance, with the option to switch admission type before the meeting. Fee adjustments will be made accordingly. All delegates can access live or recorded sessions via the EIP Attendee Hub. Physical attendees can watch the videos of missed parallel sessions later.

  • Discounted Rates: If eligible, provide proof of status using your registration number and email during or post-registration.

  • Hotel Accommodation: You can book a hotel room at the conference hotel during registration, add it later, or opt out.

  • Post-Registration: Once registered, a Pending Registration confirmation email will be sent. The registration remains pending until the payment is received.

  • Payment: Fees are payable via bank transfer within ten days or before the registration period ends. Include the delegate details in the transfer. If a hotel room is added, its cost should be included in the payment.

  • Registration Confirmation: Upon payment, a final Registration Confirmation email, along with an invoice link, will be dispatched.

  • Invoice Request: For a proforma invoice before payment, contact [email protected]. A link for downloading the final invoice will be included in the final Registration Confirmation email we will send post-payment. If the invoice needs to be addressed differently, add the details in the relevant field during registration.

  • Group Delegations: Contact [email protected] for group registrations. Individual online registration isn't necessary. Provide the total delegate count and receive a proforma invoice to process the payment. You can submit delegate details (name, email, mobile) in a spreadsheet at a later stage. We will register them, and confirmation emails will be sent to each delegate, with you as the group administrator copied.

  • Visa Invitation Letter: You can request an invitation letter from [email protected] following your registration payment and receipt of the final registration confirmation email. Apply for a visa early to accommodate processing times. 

  • Data Protection Compliance: The Excellence in Pediatrics Institute complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All attendee's personal data is kept confidential and not shared with third parties.

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