What to know before you start your registration

Option to attend In-Person or Online in 2023

  • You can register to attend the meeting in person or online. You will be asked to choose between Admission for Physical or Digital Attendance. Different registration fees apply to each admission item. You can switch between admission types (From Digital to Physical and vice versa) at any stage before the meeting. We will adjust your registration accordingly and reimburse the difference when switching from a higher to a lower fee or be asked to pay the difference when changing from a lower to a higher fee.

  • All conference delegates, irrespectively whether they attend in-person or virtually, have access to the EIP Attendee Hub to either attend the live sessions online or the videos after the sessions are organised. That way, you won't have to worry that you will miss other conference sessions happening in other halls while attending your session of choice. Conference delegates of the face-to-face meeting taking place in multiple halls will be able to watch all sessions across all halls. Instead of the total 20 education hours you would get when being physically present at the conference, you will get another 80 hours of education to watch at your pace for 90 days after the conference. The recording of each session is made available online 30 minutes after the session has taken place.

  • You must pay your fee via Bank Transfer. Your registration will remain pending until we receive the funds. You have ten days to complete the payment except if the end of a registration period is in less than ten days, in which case you should make the payment before the end of the period. Then we will send you the final registration confirmation and the link to download your invoice. When instructing your bank to make the transfer, please ensure that the delegate's name and registration confirmation number are marked on the remittance advice, allowing us to identify your payment and approve the registration. Please make sure that you cover all bank charges. 

  • You will be asked if you require a hotel room at the conference hotel during registration. You can add a room to your registration or skip this step (by selecting "I don't require a hotel booking") and continue with your conference registration. You can also revisit your registration and add a hotel booking after it is confirmed.

  • If you choose a Discounted Rate Registration Type, you will be asked to upload proof of status. If you don't have it, you can upload it later using your unique registration number and email address to access the system.

  • If you need an invoice before paying, please forward the confirmation to [email protected] and request an invoice to be sent to you and provide us with the full billing address. Otherwise, we will send you a link to download your invoice after your registration is paid and confirmed. 


If you wish to register a group delegation (over five delegates), please contact [email protected] directly. Special terms and conditions apply to group delegations. There is no need to register the delegates individually using the online system. 

We do not need the details of the delegates beforehand. Please inform us when you know the total number of your group's delegates. We will send you a proforma invoice to arrange the payment via bank transfer. Your group registration will be confirmed as soon as we receive the payment, and the rate will be secured. 

We will ask you to provide the delegates' details (name, email, mobile) in an excel spreadsheet at any stage before the closing of the online registration on 15 November; we will register your delegates and send the confirmation email to each one, copying you in as the group's administrator. 


If you need a Visa to travel to Paris, we can provide you with a Visa Invitation Letter as long as you have a confirmed and paid registration for the conference. Please note that Segen Visa processing from the relevant authority in your country could require some time, so we recommend registering for the conference and applying for the Visa early. Once you receive your final confirmation email after your registration is paid, please contact [email protected] directly to request your invitation letter.


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Data Protection Act: The ​Excellence in Pediatrics Institute operates according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The organiser handles all personal data received from conference attendees confidentially and does not disclose them to any third party.