The Excellence in Pediatrics Conference is a premier platform for clinical professionals worldwide. Renowned for assembling eminent speakers from top academic institutions, the conference showcases groundbreaking research with direct applications in pediatric care. Attendees, particularly pediatricians, gain invaluable access to the latest research and its practical implementation in clinical settings. This conference is celebrated for engaging hundreds of leading figures in pediatrics, neonatology, and adolescent health. These experts share their latest findings in practical learning sessions and workshops. To explore the rich history of the Excellence in Pediatrics Conferences and their scientific programs, follow the links below.

Excellence in Pediatrics Conference Archives

Edition Year Location Dates Program
15th EIP2023 Paris 30 November - 2 December 2023 Program
14th EIP2022 Amsterdam 1-3 December 2022 Program
13th EIP2021 Virtual 2-4 December 2021 Program
12th EIP2020 Virtual 3-5 December 2020 Program
11th EIP2019 Copenhagen 5-7 December 2019 Program
10th EIP2018 Prague 6-8 December 2018 Program
9th EIP2017 Vienna 7-9 December 2017 Program
8th EIP2016 London 8-10 December 2016 Program
7th EIP2015 London 10-12 December 2015 Program
6th EIP2014 Dubai 4-6 December 2014 Program
5th EIP2013 Qatar 4-7 December 2013 Program
4th EIP2012 Madrid 28 November - 1 December 2012 Program
3rd EIP2011 Istanbul 30 November - 3 December 2011 Program
2nd EIP2010 London 2-4 December 2010 Program
1st EIP2009 Florence 3-6 December 2009 Program