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Nothing can replace face-to-face interaction and communication. During our professional lives, we have hugely valued the unique educational experiences that conferences have offered us over the years. Many of our best memories, from when we were students until we became experienced professionals, are related to the conferences we have attended with friends and colleagues from all over the world. 
We are determined to deliver a unique in-person experience at the meeting in Amsterdam this year while we will also benefit from the best online education has to offer. Find below information about the conference and answers to the most frequently asked questions.


Why are in-person interaction and scientific collaboration important? What do you expect the situation will be like this December? Since you will organise the meeting in Amsterdam, why are you also offering online attendance? What will be the differences in the experience offered between the in-person and online attendance? 



How do I register? Why is the cost of registration for Digital Attendance reduced in comparison to the Physical Attendance cost? What is included in the cost of the registration for Physical Attendance? What is included in the cost of the registration for Virtual Attendance? I received a Pending Registration Notification email. What does that mean? When should my registration fee be paid? May I pay for the registration fee using a debit/credit card? When will my registration be confirmed? How do I obtain my Invoice/Receipt? and more...



How can I submit an abstract? If I am presenting an abstract, should I also pay for the conference? Can I register for the conference after I know that my abstract has been accepted? Will I get a certificate of presentation for my abstract? How many abstracts can I submit? Can more than one author present an abstract? What do I need to know about the Submission System? Until when I can make changes to my abstract? How do I know that my submission is completed? Which email address should I use for abstract submission? and more...


How will I present my abstract? How long should my Oral Presentation be? What will I need for my Oral presentation? Should I send the Powerpoint Slides of my Oral Presentation to you before my session? How will I prepare my ePoster and have it ready for presentation? What can I include in my ePoster? Where will my ePoster be displayed? When and how will I present my ePoster? How will I get my Certificate of Presentation? and more...


How will I attend the sessions at the date and the time the conference takes place? What do I need to attend the virtual meeting? How will I be able to access the EIP Virtual Attendee Hub? I did not receive a verification code. How do I get into the event? I didn't receive an email to access the Virtual Attendee Hub. Why did I get logged out? Can I share links to the Virtual Attendee Hub? How do I ensure the best video experience? and more...


How long after a session is organised, will the recording be made available online? I am attending the conference in-person in Amsterdam, will I be able to view the recorded sessions? How do I access the hub to watch the videos of the recorded sessions? How do I select sessions to access? Is closed-captioning available? Are presentations downloadable? For how long after the conference will the videos be available? and more...


Registration Abstracts  
20-01-2021 - Registration Open 20-01-2021 - Submissions open 
15-03-2021 - First Call Period ends  30-09-2021 - Submissions end 
30-04-2021 - Early Period ends  15-10-2012 - ePosters platform opens 
30-06-2021 - Standard Period ends  31-10-2021 - Abstracts edit ends 
15-09-2021 - Late Period ends  15-09-2021 - Late Period ends 
26-11-2021 - Last Call Period ends  15-11-2021 - ePosters published in Library 
03-09-2021 - Cancellation for 80% refund ends  15-11-2021 - Uploading of Presentations 
03-10-2021 - Cancellation for 40% refund ends  02-12-2021 - Abstract Book available online 
15-12-2021 - Certificates of Attendance 15-12-2021 - Certificates of Presentation sent 
15-11-2021 - Mobile App download available 
30-11-2021 - Virtual Attendee Hub opens 
05-03-2022 - Recorded Sessions Access ends 


​​​EIP greatly values the mutually beneficial relationship it has with several organisations and groups with which EIP works together for the annual EIP conference and Campaigns. We welcome companies and organisations that, through their products, activities, and philosophy, enhance the quality of life for children and their families and align with EIP's values and mission in line with the Institute's Code of EthicsPartnerships that provide no clear advantage to child health or medical care, or no professional or educational benefit relating to the practice of pediatrics will not be considered for EIP participation.


Connect with your fellow delegates and the 2021 Conference Faculty through the following free-to-attend events and opportunities
Networking Lunches and Coffee Breaks During the Conference - All are included in the conference pass and provide a break from intensive learning during the programme sessions, the coffee and lunch breaks also provide an excellent opportunity for meeting and networking with faculty members and peers from all over the world.
Welcome Drinks Reception - Taking place on the evening of Day One (Thursday 2nd December 2021). This is your chance to meet and connect with your fellow delegates and the conference Faulty in an informal and relaxed setting. A unique opportunity that is included in the cost of your conference pass.
New for 2021! Free Onsite Career Development Sessions for Poster and Oral Presenters - EIP is launching a series of onsite drop-in sessions for abstract submitters in Amsterdam that will allow you to connect with the Senior Physician who will be moderating your poster or oral presentation prior to your presentations onsite to provide you with practical advice and base questions to consider prior to your presentation. This drop-in session will allow you to connect ahead of time and be fully prepared for your live presentation.
New for 2021 - Free Onsite Networking Events for Poster and Oral Presenters - EIP is pleased to be hosting three onsite Career Development Networking sessions that will take place during Thursday and Friday Lunchtime and on Saturday morning in Amsterdam in 2021 for abstract submitters. Each session will feature a keynote speaker delivering a 20-minute Careers Advice Briefing and this will then be followed by 40 minutes for lunch/coffee and networking.
Please Note - All Social and Networking Opportunities (including any catering) listed offered in 2021 are included in the cost of delegates passes and are all subject to the latest COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

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