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A Holistic Pediatric Educational Experience: From Neonates to Early Adolescence Across All Pediatric Specialties

Attending the Excellence in Pediatrics conference, which encompasses topics from neonates to early adolescence and covers all pediatric specialties, is an invaluable opportunity for child healthcare professionals. This holistic educational experience offers a unique platform to delve into the intricacies of child health at various developmental stages. Whether you're interested in the delicate care of neonates, the dynamic changes in infancy, or the unique challenges of early adolescence, this conference provides comprehensive insights and the latest advancements in each field.

Moreover, including all main pediatric specialties under one roof allows for an integrated learning experience. Participants can explore intersections between specialties, enriching a holistic understanding of pediatric care. This multidisciplinary approach broadens knowledge and enhances the ability to provide interconnected and informed care to young patients. It's an excellent opportunity for pediatricians, general practitioners, neonatologists, nurses, and other child health professionals to update their skills, share experiences, and learn from leading experts in the field. The program builds on the success of the past 15 editions 

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A dedicated conference track on Emergency Pediatrics

"Frontline pediatricians, equipped with emergency pediatrics knowledge, stand as the first line of defence in safeguarding children's health during critical moments. Their ability to swiftly recognise, stabilise, and manage acute conditions is indispensable, ensuring every child receives the best possible care when it matters most."

Prof. Damian Roland, Chair of Emergency Pediatrics Track, University of Leicester (UK)

A dedicated conference track on Pediatric Dermatology

"Skin conditions are among the most common issues presented in pediatric care, ranging from common rashes and eczema to more complex conditions like psoriasis or rare genetic disorders. Skin manifestations can be the first sign of systemic diseases, making dermatological knowledge crucial for early detection and treatment of underlying health issues. Early and accurate diagnosis can prevent complications and improve quality of life."

Dr Barbara Kunz, Co-chair of Dermatology Track, Dermatologikum Hamburg (Germany)


Maximise your learning experience by accessing all sessions also on-demand 

Whether you participate in person or online, you'll have access to both the EIP Attendee Hub and the EIP Mobile App. This allows you to either attend sessions live or view recorded videos at your pace for 90 days post-meeting. So, even if two interesting sessions occur simultaneously in different halls, you won't miss out on anything—you can attend one live and watch the others later.



We await your contributions. Let's shape the future of pediatrics together!

"Presenting at EIP2024 boosts your career and advances pediatric care by sharing your research, offering networking opportunities, and gaining expert feedback. It raises your visibility among top professionals and keeps you updated with the latest practices. Your work can significantly impact global pediatric healthcare, contributing to improved patient outcomes and fostering a community dedicated to excellence."

Prof. Sir Terence Stephenson, Conference Chair, UCL GOS Institute of Child Health (UK)



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Speakers: Experts and Academics from all pediatric specialty fields


Conference for all. From neonates to adolescents, covering all pediatric specialties


Days offering comprehensive insights and the latest advancements in each field


Parallel Halls full of sessions offering an integrated learning experience
EIP2020 - The 12th Excellence in Pediatrics Conference is taking place in Amsterdam, 3-5 December 2020
EIP2020 - The 12th Excellence in Pediatrics Conference is taking place in Amsterdam, 3-5 December 2020