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Andrea Polovina, M.D.,Phd, is a specialist of physical medicine and rehabilitation. She graduated from the University of Zagreb Medical School in 1996. Afterwards, she completed Master’s degree in Biomedicine at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science, in 2003. In 2008, she completed residency in Physical medicine and rehabilitation at the University of Zagreb Medical School. In 2001, she completed the Vojta method therapy course and became a licensed Vojta therapist. Also, she completed the Bobath method therapy course and became a licensed Bobath therapist in 2012. She teaches courses for paediatricians, physiotherapist and other professionals about early development of a healthy child, which is a prerequisite of early recognition of children in need of a therapy. She occasionally teaches postgraduate courses at the University of Zagreb School of Medicine. She participated in various projects at the University of Zagreb, School of Medicine, most recently in the project developing the algorithm for prevention of neurological impairments in children with intrauterine growth retardation. The main focus of her work is on rehabilitation of children with developmental disability including early diagnosis and early start of therapy as well as developing intensive method of rehabilitation in children with cerebral palsy. She has been employed at the Polyclinic for physical medicine and rehabilitation “Prof. Milena Stojčević Polovina M.D., PhD” in Zagreb since 2008.

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