Consultant in Pediatrics and palliative care and communication skills trainer, Chaika Clinics, Medical School "Soobshenie" Moscow, RUSSIA

Born in the US and transitioned to Russia as a child. Completed studies and graduated from the Russian State Medical University in Moscow, specialized in pediatrics and children’s palliative care, the latter outside of Russia at Cardiff University in Wales. Worked as a pediatrician in primary care and in both hospital and home based palliative care for children and young adults. Participated in the early development of the field of palliative and hospice care in Russia, was involved in much of the teaching across the country as well as in policy making.

Since 2012 developed and interest in clinical communication skills and sought to establish some teaching in Russia, first with private hospitals, then at University and lately as a free-standing teaching program.

Since 2014 a member of tEACH – the Teaching Committee of the International Association for Communication in Healthcare. Currently teaches practicing physicians and nurses of all specialties in Moscow and across the country.   

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