1-mack.jpgProfessor of Neurology and Pediatrics at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, USA




Dr Mack is Professor of Neurology and Pediatrics at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.   His clinical interests involve working with patients who have chronic headaches, as well as patients with movement disorders.  His publications deal with the characteristics and treatment of children with chronic headaches, with particular interests in the research question of what is associated with the transformation of episodic headaches into chronic headaches. Dr Mack obtained his MD and PhD degrees from the University of Illinois, Urbana.  From there, he trained in Pediatrics and Child Neurology at Washington University in St Louis. He has been involved in leadership positions in the International Child Neurology Association, the American Headache Society, and the Child Neurology Society of the United States. He is also on the editorial board of the journal Neurology, an Associate Editor for the Journal of Child Neurology, and additionally on the editorial boards of Brain and Development.

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