Pediatric Dermatologist,  CHU Sainte Justine, University of Montreal, Quebec, (CA)

Maryam Piram is a French pediatric dermatologist with a particular interest in diseases interfacing between dermatology and rheumatology. Dr. Piram received her medical degree in 2006 after a 3-year residency in pediatrics and a 2-year residency in dermatology.


Subsequently, she completed two fellowships, one in the pediatric rheumatology department of CHU Bicêtre (University of Paris Sud) in France (2006-2009) and another in the pediatric dermatology department of CHU Sainte Justine (University of Montreal) in Canada (2010-2011).  In 2010, she obtained a MPH degree at University Paris 12 and in 2017, a PhD degree at University Paris Sud with a program devoted to the epidemiology of IgA vasculitis. Dr. Piram currently works as associate professor in the department of pediatric dermatology at CHU Sainte Justine in Montréal Canada (University of Montréal) and in the French national reference center for auto-inflammatory diseases (CéReMAIA) in CHU de Bicêtre in Kremlin Bicêtre France (University Paris Saclay, Paris Sud). Her two main areas of research are childhood vasculitis and auto-inflammatory diseases.v